Live On Utah

A Mantra of Hope

Live On is a statewide effort to prevent suicide by promoting education, providing resources, and changing our culture around suicide and mental health. Together we can get through, reach out, lift up, look ahead, and Live On.

Need Help? Call the Lifeline.


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Recognize the Warning Signs:

• Recent rejection or divorce

• Recent unwanted move

• Acting anxious

• Changes in behavior

• Changes in sleep habits

• Death of a loved one

• Depression

• Serious health condition

• Failure to take care of themselves

• Financial loss or instability

• Getting affairs in order

• Giving away belongings

• Increased use of alcohol or drugs

• Looking for ways to harm themselves

• Loss of a job

• Loss of interest

• Personality change

• Preoccupied with death

• Reckless Behavior

• Social Isolation

• Sudden interest or disinterest in church or religion

• Sudden loss of freedom

• Sudden mood changes

• Talking about being a burden to others

• Talking about death or suicide

• Talking about hopelessness or no reason to live

• “It will never get better”

• Withdrawal

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