GoFund Me: Love for Luke

Luke Fowles, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as Rabdomyosarcoma that forms in soft tissue.  

He began having migraines about two months ago and woke up on Saturday with double vision. His cheek was slightly swollen and his eye was drooping a little so my sister Kristin took him to the ER and they performed an MRI. They found an egg shaped mass in his paramenengial space and he was immediately sent to Primary Children’s and admitted.  

Since then he has had several surgeries and has begun chemotherapy through a port in his chest. Due to the location of the tumor they will not be able to perform surgery to remove it. Luke will need to have chemotherapy for the next 18 months coupled with 2 weeks of radiation.  

Luke has a wish to become instagram famous, make sure to go follow the instagram below to grant him his wish!


Photo: Getty Images

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