One of our Secret Santa recipients is giving back to the community!

"Hi there! My daughter Sloan and I were honored to be a recipient of a secret Santa gift from all of you this winter, and I thought I'd reach out with an update on Sloan and our family.

Sloan is doing amazingly well. She has recently become a big fan of vanilla bean frappuccinos in the sunshine like the boujee woman she is. We are so fortunate to have the support and love from our friends, family, and people like 97.1 zht this year to keep us going through the difficult times. So - to pay that love and support forward - my daughter Sloan's birthday is on April 9th: and for her birthday (and National Unicorn Day) we are hosting a 5K to give back to one of Sloan's friends who could use a financial boost.

The 5K is totally free (and super fun! Only requirement is that you take selfies.) and if people do decide to donate, 100% of all financial donations are going to a medically complex or disabled friend of Sloan's who is having a tough time right now and could use a boost of hope, encouragement, and love. We are also accepting notes of encouragement and love for this family via the registration link and/or, too.

SO - instead of going on forever, I've pasted the details below so you can check it out.

The registration page can be found here:

And more info can be found here on my site/blog:

Our goal is to connect the community, spread lots of unicorn and birthday magic, and ultimately give to a family who could really use it right now like so many have given to us. So we're amping up the awareness of the 5K full-blast, sharing it everywhere we can!  Hope you are all having a beautiful start to your spring and summer."

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