TEXT TOPIC: What does your spouse wear that you don't like?

I HATE HATE HATE when my hubs wears patchouly!!! He's sexy and yummy til he walks out wearing that. Tree hugger is a immediate turnoff!!!

hubby wears swim trunks EVERYWHERE we go! ALL YEAR LONG! like grls W/ legins Winter? NP he puts em over LONG JOHNS! Paired W/"clean"WRK shirt

my bf has two Charlie Sheen style bowling shirts... I want to give them to The Good Will. XO Gina

Affliction shirts and Rock Revival jeans

hate when my hubby wears the Marvel/Superhero t-shirts. They drive me nuts.

my husband wears the Hawaiian shirts and shorts. All. The. Time. Even in winter.

right now my husband is "wearing" a mustache. ?? ah nope, I hate it. Pleated pants do suck!

Hubby hates when I wear overalls. He said no person over the age of 6 should wear overalls

skinny jeans, he has a masculine body with these skinny jeans throwing off the sexy. They are terrible

hubby had a hideous reversible vest when we were dating. Mysteriously disappeared when we got married lol

so my husband had surgery back in 2012. They gave him compression socks that go up to your thigh. They are hideous white socks. He wears them all the time. They look like ass less chaps. They are ridiculous. He thankfully will only wear them at night but doesn't really put me in the mood.

Hubby said he doesn't like my sherpa socks I wear to bed. I don't like when he wears pj bottoms in public.

my husband wears torn up shirts and won't let me get new ones. Drives me batty!

my wife hates me wearing my warm up jacket from my high school soccer team. I'm 38 hahHa

my boyfriend gets pedicures which is fine but then he paints his toenails and not just nail polish it's the gel polish ??

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