Want to feel like a super hero? Maybe a vitamin infusion would help!

Olympus Health

Olympus was founded to provide services that will allow active people to live the kind of dynamic lifestyle they desire. For example, losing days of fantastic Utah skiing because of jet lag or mountain sickness is incredibly disappointing.

And finally, why the name Olympus? As avid hikers and admirers of the great outdoors, we were inspired by the 9,026-foot Mount Olympus, just south of Salt Lake City and home of countless trails and breathtaking beauty. Our goal is to allow everyone to enjoy such wonders of nature by enthusiastically engaging in a full and active lifestyle.

Lauren Lightfield, NP, CEO

Lauren Lightfield is trained as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner and has lived in Salt Lake City for four years. As an active hiker, runner, cyclist, and golfer, she realized that at times she was not feeling her physical best because of long hours worked or overexertion, preventing her from pursuing the activities she loved.

Olympus Health and Performance was born out of her desire to offer services and products that could help people like her engage in an active lifestyle whenever and however they wanted, despite the usual physical ups and downs of daily life. Her passion is to help people feel their best and achieve their physical goals.

Dr. Robert Sawyer, MD, CSO

Robert Sawyer is a licensed surgeon in Utah and Michigan who has a long-term interest in nutrition, health, and wellness.

In 2015 he watched his first Spartan race, and was inspired to improve his physical fitness and activity levels. Becoming fascinated by all aspects of fitness, he decided to take an academic and scientific approach to determine which IV and oral interventions had credible data to support their use. His contribution to Olympus Health and Performance is to bring the best scientific evidence to the packages used.


When you drink water or take vitamins, 60-80% of the nutrients pass through your body unused. IV therapy allows for 100% absorption into your body. One session can give you days worth of hydration and nutrients in under and hour. Instant benefits that last!


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