Your Relationship Aged Four Years in 2020

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Groupon partnered with a mathematician to come up with the quarantine relationship equivalent of “dog years” to quantify the extra time couples have spent together

73% of people in relationships said quarantine has strengthened their connection with their significant others

Other positives of quarantining together included: learning more about their partner (65%), spending more quality time together (47%), sharing cooking responsibilities (43%) and drinking more cups of coffee (27%)

Quarantining together wasn’t all rosy, however, as people discovered some irritating habits about their partners, including: they play loud music or watch TV during work hours (27%), they spend too much time in the bathroom (24%), they eat lunch too loudly (22%), they have an annoying work phone voice (20%) and they cause disturbances during work calls (18%).

Photo: Getty Images

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