New Grill for the New Year with Hadfield Dental- Winner 2021!

Hadfield Dental Care want to give one Lucky winner a New Grill for the New Year!

Here is our winner this year!

Jamie Arbon

James Arbon

I was born with a cleft pallet and with that came a history of dental procedures that because my mom was on welfare, didn’t get the best treatment. Before I was 18 I already had multiple teeth removed and a set of veneers on my front teeth. I struggled with substance addiction for 4 years and furthered damage to my teeth. I can happily say now that this month I will celebrate four years of continuous recovery and sobriety from substances. I now have a wife and daughter and another on the way and looking forward, I want to be able to smile with my family happily, and not have to feel insecure, and be able to eat food like normal. . I don’t deserve this chance anymore than the next person, but I can say I would be humbled and it would truly be a dream come true.

Thank you so much to Hadfield Dental Care for doing this for our listeners.

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