Mental Health Matters

97.1 ZHT, Cricket Wireless and Utah Pride Center are partnering together to encourage listeners to raise 6,000 mental health minutes at Utah Pride Center!

Listeners can text “PRIDE” to 2-6-9-8-9 to give. All proceeds raised will fund therapy sessions at Utah Pride Center.

Tune into Frankie & Jess between March 8th – March 12th for a chance to hear personal interviews from members of Utah’s LGBTQ community. Learn how you could help spread mental health awareness and save lives!

Why It Matters:

  • Utah consistently ranks in the top ten in the United States for suicide Deaths.
  • LGBTQ+ adults and youth experience a significantly elevated risk for suicide and suicide behavior. LGB adults are two times more likely to attempt suicide compared to heterosexual adults. Among transgender adults, the lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts is 40%.
  • LGBTQ+ people are not at increased risk due to their gender identity or sexual orientation in and of itself, but experience increased risk factors, specifically around mental health issues and substance abuse due to lower levels of acceptance and belonging in the broader community.

Source: Utah Pride Center

Why Therapy:

  • Individuals are able to work through their struggles by having an affirming, inclusive and LGBTQIA+ therapist listen to their stories and help make bonding connections.
  • An affirming therapy can help individuals, couples and families achieve their goals.
  • A supportive therapist can assist individuals have fulfilling (long term, healthy, trustworthy) relationships.
  • An affirming therapist can help when struggling with issues of sexuality or gender identity.
  • Individuals, couples and families are more likely to have better (mental) health.
  • Psychotherapy (talk therapy) therapy can lead to improvement in all areas of life.
  • Talking to someone, letting them know they are not alone can save someone’s life

Source: Utah Pride Center

Can’t donate but still want to help? Take a FREE virtual one-hour QPR Suicide Prevention Training with Utah Pride Center!

Learn the steps in question, persuade and refer (QPR). QPR trains the public to intervene in a mental health crisis. You can join the meeting from any device that has a web browser. If you have questions about the training please email

Cricket Wireless is a proud sponsor of Mental Health Matters and focuses on:

  • Helping you maintain healthy connections
  • Keeping you safe and connected is a top priority
  • It’s the little things. In critical times, small acts of kindness can provide a glimmer of hope for individuals and communities looking for a way forward

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