Gary Spivey: Spiritual Healer and Psychic

Gary Spivey is world-renowned for his psychic talent, uncanny ability to predict future catastrophic events (it’s no wonder that people all over the world gave him the nickname ‘The Modern Day Nostradamus’), his gift to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side and for his amazing healing energy. Gary is well known for his genuine down-home style and fun-loving personality. He lectures, teaches and councils people worldwide.

Gary Spivey was born and raised in the small town of Star, North Carolina and has lived a life that few can imagine. Right from the beginning, Gary realized he wasn’t like the other kids. In his book ‘Your Keys To Heaven’ Gary says that as a child, around four years old, he began to demonstrate psychic abilities.

Gary started his career by being a guest on a radio show in Tampa, Florida. It was a show that changed Gary’s life forever. Gary said he knew right then and there what his life’s purpose was, he was going to help people with his spiritual abilities and insight. Gary became a guest psychic on many radio shows around the world which led to TV interviews and talk show appearances as well. There is absolutely no denying Gary’s spiritual ability once you have heard his uncanny accuracy time and time again.

Gary’s spiritual abilities would eventually make him one of the most sought-after spiritual advisers in the world. His connection to other dimensions has given him the insight and the will to spread his knowledge and help to as many people as he can…and help he does! He works with people from all walks of life teaching them the Spiritual Secrets that were taught to him by God and his Angels. Gary believes that everyone can connect with the energy of the universe and awaken their spiritual abilities to become more spiritually aware and a complete being. His words are for all to hear regardless of sex, race, religion, or creed and these classifications have no meaning in the larger more universal picture.

Today, Gary travels 6 months out of the year to places all over the world doing private sessions, live seminars, radio and television shows, casino shows, workshops, and spiritual retreats. When he is not traveling, you can find Gary at his retreat center in Troy, North Carolina or in Ojai, California.

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