TEXT TOPIC: What did you do over the weekend?

Passive aggressive props to me for working OT all holiday season delivering you people's Christmas gifts. :)

We went to a hockey tournament in Salmon, ID. Got pulled over for speeding...no ticket!! Saw about 30 eagles and their huge nests!!

My f n mother-in-law moved in

I left my husband over the weekend. He threw a shoe at me and screamed at me while I was holding our 3 month old.

threw out my back at work on Wednesday so was resting all weekend but my bears made the playoffs so it made it all better

I turned 30

over the weekend my husband and I announced to our families that our 2021 goal is to try and get pregnant!

love you guys. I broke 2 ribs from coughing and then a week later I fell on them again. Worst pain ever.

Xmas morning our friend was shot in the face and her boyfriend killed in robbery. She is still in SICU Sad story

I drove to slc from Orem at 5 am and the fog was pretty thick from Orem to almost Lehi then another thick patch on the point.

parents visited from Washington and celebrated my twins 6th bday and fathers 70th bday. Great weekend!!

My hubs and I celebrated 10 years down. Going on 11 with two dogs and almost out of debt!!

got into it with my mother in over dishes in the sink. Living with in laws SUCKS. Big time

Christmas for us was on the first! My boys came home from their Christmas trip with their dad. Just chilled all weekend with them.

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