Help If You Can: Secret Santa Family Danielle

She is a wonderful person with a huge heart, but unfortunately she is struggling during these uncertain times with the Covid 19 pandemic in full swing & top it all off she just recently had baby twins! boy and girl! Danielle had lost 70% of her blood right after the delivery of the twins, and needed an emergency blood transfusion. She was released from hospital with restrictions and placed on bed rest. She is very limited to what she can do during these holidays. Her situation is unusual, unique and very sad. Unlike many others, she has no mother or father or support from family. Her kids don’t have a grandma or grandpa and very little help, if any at all.

As far as family goes, she has a total of 6 kids and could really use some helping hands at this time.

Please help Danielle and her family, during this global Pandemic.

They are a big family that could use help.

Im sure they would be very grateful with anything they receive.

your donations could help her situation tremendously.

Your generosity and donations will go to a good family. 

They currently don't have a big enough vehicle to fit entire family in.

As a family of 8, its been difficult to even live in the small apartment they are living in.

I truly hope this find the right persons heart for Danielle and her family.

Photo: Getty Images

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