TEXT TOPIC: What is the weirdest compliment you've ever recieved?

it was well intended but I've been told a couple of times I carry my weight well. Wtf?! Also that I look great in pictures... so am I ugly irl? Hahaha

one time I got told that they loved my eyes because I have "vampire eyes."

Yearly gyno appointment Dr. had student doc with her he was clearly nervous but he complemented me on my nice cervix. I died a little inside

A neighbor told me how impressed she was with how smart and talented my son was...especially considering who his parents were. Thank you?

Someone once told me, "I really like your teeth. Can I touch them?" Uhhh... no you freak! Who goes around touching people's teeth?!

A guy I was interviewing complimented my nails at the end of the interview

My daughter said my beard looks nice like chicken noodles

I was getting gauges in my ears and my piercer said "i am so jealous you have huge earlobes"

Someone complimented my grill (teeth). They said they look just like dentures!! Umm thank you?

I used to have shirt hair And would get told I have a great back of the neck - RHOSLC whit rose

I get told by people all the time I look better in person when they check my ID. I was about 100lbs heavier in the picture than. Thanks? Lol

I got told I was pretty for a big girl ??

when I was a teenager a random lady in dillards told me I had nice shoulders. They would be good for holding babies. What??

while going through a series of break ups, my mom told me I was an acquired taste. The right one would come along.

my wife was told she had beautiful nipples by a lactation nurse after she had her first daughter

was told that my torso was proportional to my body.

Our Baby was in the nicu so we would go down to see him and my wife would nurse him and the nurse told my wife she had really nice nipples.

friend of mine went to a psychologist for sexual trauma. He said "I can see why, you're hot". He never went back.

an older gentleman told me that I have "cow eyes".... Like it was a compliment. Um. Thanks?!?! Love you guys! Gina

Hubs says I have sexy calves lol

girl asked if I was wanted to go party. I said I didn't drink. She was shocked and said I thought you would be a raging alcoholic

Grandma told me I looked prettier pregnant...I'm not pregnant haha

My daughter tells me she loves how I smell. I asked what I smell like and she says metal and airplanes. Im a welder and airline mechanic

someone once told me i have the cutest chubbiest toes they had ever seen

I get told I speak English very well and have no accent given I'm Hispanic and my first language is Spanish

Someone told me i had beautiful eyelids... um thanks??

"I love your giraffe eyes!!" Excuse me?

the lady giving me my mammogram said I had the perfect boobs for the mammogram machine. What does that mean? They squish perfectly?

my daughter told me without makeup I look tired, but with makeup I look like a Christmas tree.

Was told that I look like Chris O'Donnell, but the NCIS version (he's looks much less like his younger good looking self in NCIS).

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