TEXT TOPIC: What goal are you working towards?

going from full time 2pt. go to cosmo school and eventually do my own business.

my goal is to be trending on Twitter and to get over 100K in followers @tysonk88. Love you guys! Listening for over 15 years!

goal is to become a nurse. I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted into nursing school.

I am 51 and I will graduate from nursing school this spring!

10 days left of 75 hard! By far, the hardest physical and mental thing I have ever done in my life.

we are working towards paying off our credit card debt in the next 2 years to buy our dream home.

I graduate with my Bachelors degree in April 2021 after almost 7 years of school and working full time. So pumped to be done!

working on cleaning my credit so I can purchase my first home.

my personal goal is to get a pink Cadillac by June and our family goal is to go to Disney land and universal by next summer

Retirement early next year.

going to school for elementary education mom of 4 I'm 32 doing distance learning with 3 while youngest is 2 and all over. Thriving after abuse

going through a divorce... goal is to be a better person and love myself again

goal paying off my car after almost 5yrs I'm down to 2,200!

just graduated nursing school and started working in a covid ICU! it's been a dream of mine since i was a kid, to be a nurse. no better time.

Short term goal is to lose 36 pounds by my 36th birthday in May of 2021! I'm already done three pounds and hitting my daily/weekly goals.

36 years old. Back in college to get my bachelors in Cyber Security. Planning a complete career change by age 40.

I have one more semester until I'll graduate with my masters degree in forensic psychology! CAN'T WAIT TO BE FINISHED.

my goal is to lose 27 lbs, I've already lost 15 lbs. woot-woot!

Goals? I want to get back down to my weight on my license. 6' 1" 205. I've put on some holiday weight.

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