Help If You Can: Michael Allan Sandstrom Funeral Expenses

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"Mikey passed away on Sunday afternoon at the age of 53 after complications from COVID 19. He was blessed by the presence of his sister, Laura, who held his hand as he peacefully passed in the ICU at St. Mark's Hospital. He is greatly missed and has left a hole in all of our hearts. 

Roy and Patty (Granny and “The Pops”) are hurting from his passing and are lost without their son. During this devastating time, they are also burdened with the cost of funeral expenses. They are depleting their savings and working with their banks to make sure Mike’s memory is honored with a fitting service.

Those who had a chance to know Mike while he was on this earth have been blessed beyond words. He always lit up the room and brought joy to everyone he met. Mike had DownSyndrome and was cared for his entire life by his parents. He was their angel and they were his. He was the bright spot of the Sandstrom home. He was often found sitting at the kitchen table sipping a root beer (his or someone else’s), singing songs, and talking away as family walked in the door.

Mikey loved his family, especially his mom and dad. He was Pops’ sidekick and partner in crime. They did everything together, from trains in the garage to radios in the basement. Mike would regularly have a toy (crazies) or Teddy Ruxpin in his hands and often gave Pops a hard time as any good sidekick knows to do.

Granny was his “Moon Puckey” and brought out the sweetest and softest side of Mike. He loved his mother and cherished her company.

If you have the means to do so, please consider donating to this fund to help pay for Mike’s funeral expenses.

Even if you cannot donate, please share a memory of Mike to brighten the day of all those who will get to read it."

Photo: Getty Images

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