Help a Local Family in Need

Veendendaal Family In Need

On 10/19/20 Richard Veenendaal, a sergeant master and proud Veteran, passed away. He left a wife and daughter. They are in desperate need of help to CLEAN, FIX and RESTORE their home. Currently, they do not have heat inside the home. This is incredibly troubling due to the snow fall we have started to receive. This process of restoring the home, will take man power and a speciality group to help. Both Cindy and Darlene are struggling with their health. They do not have the resources or physical ability to take on such a task. This family has so graciously given to many of us through the years. We are simply wanting to ensure they have safe and livable space. They are have not been able to grieve due to their current situation.

We understand these are difficult times for many of us. We implore those who can to stand with this family.

Photo: Getty Images

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