Help If You Can: GoFundMe

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"On the morning of October 31st TJ (Travis) was on his way home from the market selling his world famous pickles when he was in a terrible car accident. His vision started to blur and ultimately had a seizure causing him to go unconscious. He realized what was happening and quickly started to pull off the road to avoid other cars. He then hit a wall. TJ shattered his leg, fractured his lower back, and is full of cuts and bruises. He feels very lucky to still be here. 

Unfortunately the Covid shutdowns have affected business as it has for many andTJ is now looking at surgeries and medical bills piling up without being able to work. He will be out of work for some time. For those who know TJ he is not one to take handouts and works very hard for what he has. Please help with whatever you can and hopefully he can get back out on the dance floor soon! Thank you! Love you TJ and we continue to pray for a quick recovery!"

Photo: Getty Images

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