Help If You Can: Mother of 7 Passes Away

Lindsi passed away on October 27th and was a mother of 7 children - who now have lost their mother unexpectedly and never had the opportunity to say goodbye to her. They love their mother so very much and now will be living with their father full time. They are of need Of any help with this sudden loss of their mother. there are 6 kids under the age of 17 that now need help with this loss, and living expenses to help their Father get them settled into a home large enough for them. He has been given some time to stay where he is now but owners plan to sell the place he is living which would leave them without a home. if you could help this family in any way it would be much appreciated.

Lindsi was a stay at home mom and wasn’t prepared to leave this life. She did not have any life insurance or any plans for funeral services set aside so now this devastating loss is on her children and family members. With tuff times with this year they are . 

Lindsi we love you and you be missed so much. we never got to say goodbye, she left us all

way to soon. May you Rest In Peace and watch

over us from above. Till we meet again my 

dear friend. 

If you can donate thru Venmo to

@Liz-Garcia123 that will go directly to the

family. Thank you 

Photo: Getty Images

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