iHeartMedia Concert Ticket Winner FAQS

When will I receive my concert tickets I won?

  • If the concert is scheduled for 2021, you will be contacted by our office a few weeks before the show with instructions on how to redeem those tickets ***if the concert is still happening***.

When will the concert I won tickets to be rescheduled?

  • We do not know when most concerts will be rescheduled. You can visit the artist’s website for more information on rescheduled dates, as well as any other information they might have for the concert.

How come I have not been contacted about the concert tickets I won?

  • Our building and front desk are currently closed. We do not have any physical copies of tickets in house. COVID-19 hit before all tickets could be printed and sent out.

Contest Ticket Winner Information

The front desk and building at iHeartMedia Salt Lake City has been closed since March. Because of that, we do not have any concert tickets on hand for 2021.

Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on the world, most concerts have either been cancelled or postponed until 2021.

If you have won tickets from any of our stations, we have your information in our system. You will be contacted a few weeks before the rescheduled date in 2021, with information on how to redeem those tickets if the concert is still happening.

For more information on the status of the concert, please visit the artist’s websites.

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