250th Navy Week

Close-up of a US Navy Flag

Salt Lake City Navy Week will be the 250th Navy Week since the inception of the program—Sept. 14-18, 2020

The Navy Week program is an outreach mission, where senior leadership in the Navy and assets visit about 12-15 cities per year that don’t have a large Navy presence. We bring the Navy, it's people, and equipment to share with the community and let them know their Navy is deployed around the clock, around the world, defending them. 

For Salt Lake City Navy Week, we have planned a band performance from Navy Band Southwest, daily USS Constitution tours via Facebook Live and interviews with several individuals such as the Leap Frogs.

There will be a live Navy Week Proclamation with Governor Herbert on Tuesday, Sept 15 at 10:00 MST and our flag officer, RADM Gene Price, who is a litigation lawyer, Reservist, and Deputy Commander in the United States Navy.

Our Navy Week will also include history presentations from Naval History and Heritage Command, which includes a cooking segment featuring the 1945 edition of the "Cookbook of the United States Navy," and history on the USS Utah and the USS Utah bell.

There will be STEM content from various assets, such as EOD, meteorology and oceanography content.

Since the Navy can’t be there in person this year, they still want to share resources that can be helpful or offer a little bit of relief during this time and remind the community their Navy still wants to make meaningful connections with the community.


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