Everyday Items And Their Intended Purpose

25 Everyday Items And Their Intended Purpose

The Teeny Tiny Hole In The Window

If you ever spent time flying, then chances are you’ve wondered what the possible uses are for the small hole in your airplane window. First, it allows sufficient ventilation to prevent too much pressure building inside the airplane and to break the window as it increases in altitude, and also, it is a smart way to avoid the windows from becoming foggy with all the warm breath of the passengers.

How Much Pasta Is Enough?

The weirdly shaped claws on the rim of a pasta spoon is for deciding how much dry pasta you will need for one serving, and this will help keep single eaters from overdoing it on their pasta.

Toblerone Chocolate

The peaks are shaped in triangles so that if you push on the end of one piece with your thumb, it will snap off easily and leave you with the perfect sized serving to savor the delicious chocolate.

Little Packets, But For What?

Silica gel is a drying agent, as it tends to suck moisture out of its surroundings, preventing anything that can spoil with excess moisture nice to stay dry. So, store those packets in a safe place for the next time you need to dry out your phone.

Extra Support

Levi Strauss first made his famous pair of denim jeans, it was quite a common problem for the stitches of the trousers to come undone due to stress and weathering. The rivets were fixed to strengthen the trousers at the most noticeable spots.

All Star Shoes

Many people have thought that the “extra” holes on the side are for ventilation when actually, these two side holes have a second purpose is to allow you to get creative with lacing. So now you don’t just have to lace your Converse in the traditional way.

Useful And Less Messy!

Most pots and pans nowadays come with handles that have a slim, circular-shaped hole at the end of them. That open space in the handle of your pot is useful for more than one reason. Sure, we might use it to hang up our pots, but the real purpose of the hole in pan-handles is to hold the handle of most spoons used for stirring. This way, the spoon end floats directly over the pot and minimizes the mess from cooking.

Indicator Of Gas Pump

If you observe the gas signal light in your car, you might notice that there is an arrow icon next to the pump. That arrow is showing you which side your fuel tank sits on.

Keyboard Resting Position

When using your computer, have you ever noticed the little bumps on the “F” and “J” keys on a keyboard? The “F” and “J” keys are the home keys, where your index fingers should rest. The little bumps let your fingers feel their way back to the home position without having to look at your keyboard.

A Small Dot

If you are an iPhone user, then by now you should have seen the small black dot in between the lens and flash on the back of your iPhone. It serves the purpose of supplying superior sound quality by eliminating noise in the background and also captures better sound when recording video in a crowded place like a concert.

Fancy But Necessary

We might have just thought that wooden coat hangers were simply a more expensive version of a plastic or wire one that had no other purpose besides being more costly. The wooden closet hangers are made using cedar wood, which is known to repel bugs. These are the ideal hangers to use for heavy clothing that is susceptible to damage from insects, such as nice hefty coats and jackets or dresses, particularly of the wool variety.

Soda Can

We may have thought we knew all there was to know about how to use a soda can properly, but you might be surprised to learn about this one. It’s intended purpose is actually to serve as a place-holder for your straw. Simply spin the tab around over the opening and slip your straw through.

Tic Tacs

It would seem that we have been eating Tic Tacs wrong this entire time.You’ve probably noticed the little indentation on the lid of a package of Tic Tacs before and figured it was there to seal the container, right tightly? Well, this design feature has more intention to it, it acts as a dispenser meaning the correct way to eat Tic Tacs is to dispense the small breath mints one-by-one.

Life-Saving Tip

When you pull the headrest completely out of the seat, it has two solid, metal bars; so if you are ever trapped inside a car and need to get out quickly, you can remove your headrest and use the metal bars to smash out your window.

The More the Merrier

The best part of eating at a fast-food restaurant is probably eating the condiments. If they aren’t coming in individual packets, you’ll probably be serving yourself ketchup and mustard in these small folded paper cups. The cups are usually tiny, and it gets frustrating when you need to take multiple little cups, but what you might not know is that if you unfold the paper cups, they turn into small paper platters that can hold more sauce than you thought was possible for such a small

Chinese Takeout Containers

Get ready for your minds to be blown, people! It’s no secret that Chinese takeout comes in containers that are just a bit too bothersome to eat out of, so you always resort to plates and bowls. Well, it turns out that these takeout boxes are actually meant to be unfolded into a perfectly-sized cardboard dinner plate. Now not only is your food basically already on a platter for you but you also don’t have to dirty up any dishes!

Heinz ‘57′

Everyone knows the aggravation that comes with getting the last of the ketchup out of those pesky glass bottles. Luckily, though, this hack will save us all. Aside from the fact that the number ’57’ actually represents the historical advertising slogan of Heinz, it’s also used to get the condiment out of the bottle a bit more easily. According to a Heinz spokesperson, “the sweet spot to tap on the Heinz bottle is the 57 on the neck. All you need to do is apply a firm tap where the bottle narrows and the ketchup will come out easier.”

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