TEXT TOPIC: Tell Us Something Good About Your Relationship!

My husband and I have been together for 19 years and the three words we live by are communicate cherish and compromise. Everything isn't always perfect but we definitely fight fair, don’t say anything hurtful/damaging and always work on what the issue was.

My husband and I are 17 years apart been together for 10 years now and we have no secrets.

Hubby and I are in like the best place we've ever been, and working on baby number three.

The best thing about my relationship is we don't live together or share financials. The kids are happy and I''m happier that way. We don't get on each others nerves as much and when we need a breather we just tell the each other it's time to go back to your own home.

My ex-husband and I just got divorced last week. But we have become the best of friends. We hang out about three times a week and it's more quality time than it used to be. So it''s actually better for us.

Something good about our relationship is we are still in a strong relationship after 13 years of being together and working on making baby #3.

We have amazing communication and are extremely connected.

27 years married. No secrets.

Wife and i just did our embryo transfer last week. Anxiously awaiting positive results.

We both keep growing and we both know our worth. We let each other feel our own feelings and validate them even if we don't understand them or agree.

My husband puts up with a lot, we've got two girls, so he's outnumbered, he's learned when we're just being grumpy because we're hangry or tired.

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