TEXT TOPIC: Who has been a "foster" Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Met a guy in church, spent every day with him for just about a year but everything we got too close he would kinda push me away and toy with me. Well one day he met a new girl in the church and completely dropped me then married her. He even told me to my face that he wouldn’t care if he ever saw me again, maybe 1 day, but not now. Its been 10 years and I never heard from him again.

I was with a girl for 6 months. Never met a single member of her family + I didn't even know where she lived before she moved in. She's now engaged.

Been dating for two years and she says she is in love with me, BUT sends valentines to ex''s, secret phone calls outside, if we’re anywhere too public she won’t hold my hand, we’re together a lot, so seeing other dudes is difficult. She may be MY foster because I can’t pull the trigger

I have had this exact situation in my last five relationships. Immediately after we break up they find their future wife and get married within a year. :(

Foster GF twice... dated/babied two different men through divorce trauma. At different times.. Gave up on the ppm (poor pitiful me) after 18 months and both are now dating and one engaged. Rule 632: don''t be 1st gf after his divorce

10 years of unsuccessful and frustrating dating. decided I was sick of it-read Matthew Husseys book & "It’s just an F-ing date" now getting married Saturday!

Me! It's me! I am the stepping stone to the next relationship. It's to the point where I have given up and feel like I'm not meant for real love.

Yes! I have 4 exes who married the woman after me. I feel like Good Luck Chuck.

I was always the foster gf. Every bf cheated on me with their future wife.

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