TEXT TOPIC: Dirty Little Secrets for the week!

Married female, fantasize about being intimate with my gay bestie, and wonder if it is really cheating since he is gay?

This week i realized advantages to wearing mask at work: hides my fuzzy chin and my chewing with mouth open so i can breathe while eating my once a shift Atkins protein bar

I'm an engaged female but so in love with my lesbian married best friend. All I do is fantasize and dream about being with her

I want to have a threesome, but I think I'll enjoy having other women in our bed more then my husband

Dirty secret-I actually like wearing masks because it keeps me from biting my nails, and I don't have to wear as much makeup

My secret I love my husband and I am 100% happy...but I watch Tik Toks of hot guys, and the majority of people I follow, I followed because they are HOT!

Dirty secret I love going solo every day/second day sometimes using adult toys and my hubby doesn t know! And I have a mad crush on his sister. Maybe I could turn her.

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