Local Woman Battling Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer

Cure Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer from the Lungs!

Hello everyone!

As you know we sadly have been battling stage 4 colorectal cancer for the last year and half. In that time I have done everything under the sun to fight this thing from conventional medicine where I had 14 rounds of chemo in a year, to surgery where a good section of my colon was removed, to living with an ostomy bag for several months, to more surgery to reverse the ostomy, to more chemo to eradicate anything left over. All at the same time going completely holistic with my diet, personal hygiene products, household products, drinking the best water accessible, boosting the spirit/body/mind balance with several different sessions of energy work, meditation, and spiritual connectedness. To say the least, it has been a JOURNEY! This last January 2020, we then learned that there was in fact cancer in my lungs. Not just one, two, or three spots, but 8-9 nodules recognized at this point in time. I then sought out to learn as much as I could ever want to know about my cancer on a scientific level. After understanding my mutations, how my type of cancer responds to the immune system, the tumor mutational burden, what clinical trials across the country could give me hope, I found myself running into walls! I have what’s called a KRAS G12D mutation coupled with a TP53 mutation. For 30 years they have been trying to come up with a targeted therapy for KRAS G12D mutations and have been unsuccessful. This is still where we are today. But I will NOT give up! I will not accept this as my fate! I need to be a mother and wife to my three beautiful little babies (2, 4, & 12 years old) and husband! After more exhausting research I have found a treatment- outside the box of traditional medicine that we believe could cure me! A CURE!!! (Because prolonging my life is not what I’m after either... a CURE is!) 

So, we are asking for financial help! This treatment is going to cost $150,000 out of pocket! $96,000 for the procedure itself, $15,000 for a test out of France that gives the doctor the targeted arsenal of immunotherapy meds he will use, and $20,000+ for the hospital stay in Mexico City, Mexico. Here is what the treatment is: Interventional radiologist, Dr. Jason Williams, a western medically trained MD, goes INTRATUMORALLY (inside the tumor)and freezes/burns several nodules in my lungs, then deposits a cocktail of immunotherapy drugs INTO THE TUMOR ITSELF, to recruit the immune system RIGHT TO THE TUMOR. This procedure ends up training the immune system to recognize cancer and TAKE IT DOWN! Which is what I need if I want to live! Chemo will not do this, targeted therapy drugs on the market don’t exist for my cancer, holistic approaches don’t appear to be enough, but THIS procedure gives me hope! Dr. Williams says that he is 90% sure I will have success! He feels so good about it that he wants to put me in his documentary for you all to see! I ask myself, what’s the price tag for my life? There is none! But we need all the help we can get to pay for this. I’m about to beg everyone to help SAVE MY LIFE. Please, donate whatever you can so that I can have this treatment! I love you all soooooo much. I’m so grateful for my life and YOU in it. You will never know how much this means to us! 


All our love,

Shari & Josh Quai


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