TEXT TOPIC: Happy Tuesday!! What is your Passive Aggressive?

I''m sorry that a head on collision has prevented u from making the left hand turn. I feel horrible that I wont let u drive thru an accident scene and make you go one block up in the direction u wanted to go anyway. Next time Ill move the wrecked car out of the intersection 4 u!

Don't compare your daughter to your ex. Your daughter's amazing, and if you don't fix this you may lose us both. Think before you speak and have her back.

All I''m saying is if you are demanding us to do such physical work don''t make CBD oil against the rules to take, it''s literally the ONLY thing that works

for you to deny everything when I came clean with my husband says what kind of a man you really are! FYI you need how to please a woman

Your dog is constantly barking! SHUT IT UP! Be a responsible adult and dog owner. Is it that hard to be considerate of your neighbors? I''ll be reporting you.

dear "lanlord" a "friend" I live with. Stop pretending to be my friend just because I am moving out. And sure take my full Julys rent because I''ll be moving out on July first for "cleaning fees" for my 100 square foot room that I use. There are 2 more people who will continue to live there. FU

buddy, you aren''t in her life and you don''t know what''s best for her. Good luck trying to convince a judge you know her and have her best interests at heart. I am literally laughing at you!

We''re supposed be in a committed relationship. I''m tired of being placed on the back burner. I get you have things going on but quit pushing me away. Step up or step out.

to the only guy on my team at work... I know you''re old and have a bad back but if you come over here again and blow your stinky breathe in my face or lean on my chair again, I''m gonna lose it.

the freeway lanes are slow, couple at speed, fast & carpool. NOT fast and faster!!!

hey family I know he''s my ex and things weren''t perfect. You all talked me out of a marriage that I didn''t want to leave. I have kids with this man and still love him. Quit trying to control my life and support me for once cause we''re gettin back together wether you like it or not. Your all done telling me how to live my life.

so disappointed that I am being called racist by a neighbor for flying my American flag on my flagpole. Such a sad time.

I feel like everyone has lost their ever loving minds and I''m so done with all the craziness. Please let''s be smart, a little kinder, and respectful to everyone. Life is hard and we need to pull together to get through it all.

pre covid you helped people that struggle now you don't help anyone because you could get sick or infect grandma

Thanks Mom for my AAA for my birthday & for cancelling it 2 weeks later because you got mad at me. I loved getting stranded with my daughter yesterday.

people the mask are designed to cover your mouth and your nose. It's not a hammock for your chin

Stupid lookie-loos stay out of the neighborhoods by the Knoll's fire to see the burn scar! Let the emergency personnel do their job.

Hey lady, learn how to drive in a round about! Good lord, it's not hard...and stopping in it is not the way btw!

custody is 50/50 it's illegal to keep the kids away from their dad! Let them talk to him on his birthday today!

My husband and I are struggling to start a family, and my mom NEEDS TO STOP TELLING EVERYONE. Everywhere we go she tells everyone, and then people always ask too many questions. It puts too much pressure on an already stressful time. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

to my work staffing can you please be more considerate that I''m 33 weeks pregnant and stop placing me in difficult or high risk positions. I''ve now hurt my back and am on work restrictions. Thanks

dont know what i did to "hurt" your feelings but we are still family. Grow up. When a family member has cancer pick up the phone and call me to inform me.

stop shaming me for WANTING to stay at home. Conspiracy or not-Im not taking that chance. Quit making me feel like a sh*t friend for staying away.

sugar u planned and invited everyone to the event. We know masks and safety. Stop vague booking how you're scared of the event

neighbor you have 5 cars for 2 drivers. Park them in your own driveway or get rid of some. Quick blocking our cul-de-sac with your excess. oh and your noise enhancing mufflers are rude at 10pm.......be considerate of your neighbors

dear parents, if you want your child's tutoring to work they need to show up!

Don''t give me "suggestions" on how to manage and then get mad and throw it in my face in front of our CEO. You''re supposed to be my boss and have my back and not throw me under the bus when I don''t follow your suggestions

don''t tell people your are not having others come over because of COVID then post on social media that you had a gathering to meet your new one (yes, it was family, I am family too)

U were so scared some1 tested positive at work w/Rona u left for days screwed every1 over but come back not wearing a mask & open mouth coughing all over!

To all the lame dudes online who start convos then ghost- grow up! #bumblefumble

to the guy at McKay Dee who ran into the elevator. You told the nurse to F off, you''re awful. Have some respect for the pregnant &elderly women who were stuck with you.

My daughters name is SofiaRay 1 word. I pronounce clients names all day, I sound them out before I say them, please do the same. Stop calling my child sofia or safari! I purposely tell people her first name is SofiaRay I''m not giving you a run down of her whole name, it''s her first name! Smile!

dont take credit for everything i do here at work u have gotten lazy and suck as a boss

Hello X I slept with you for 25 years! I do exist. You can't pretend I never was there. Just because your with the new fling. We have 3 kids together!

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