TEXT TOPIC: Granny Wars-Who is the best grandma!?

My mom is constantly trying to compete with my daughter''s grandma. She gets annoyed when she watches my daughter but will very rarely help me out. The other day my daughter said "my grandma taught me this" and I said "haha you always say grandma teaches you everything" My mom said "what.. I thought MiMi does" Or if my daughter says "grandma bought me this" my mom will start listing things she''s bought my daughter. Smh lol

my MIL took my kids to lagoon, and my mother was going to bring them home for me so they wouldn''t be too late. MIL took my daughters phone so that she couldn''t call my mom and even though she made arrangements with my mom, she didn''t show up at the meeting place. If there''s any competition, she has to try to make herself look better. My kids don''t go with her anymore!

both of my grandmas are competitive and they are well off in money. When I graduated called this year. One grandma got me a car. The other one got me truck. No lies...it may seem cool that they give me gifts but they are material things. I rather they not give me things have them be nice then give me things and fight.

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