TEXT TOPIC: What did your mother-in-law say or do?

my mother in law is a massive narcissist, so you could just imagine the laundry list of things that she says or does. But mainly she hates me and won''t talk to my wife much either.

I''m pregnant. 1st grandkid. She calls him "her" baby & says she''s staying with us so she can help. Told me not to breast feed so she can help. Ordered a bed to my house for "her room."

M.I.L. Told me I was nursing my baby wrong (he''s 9 now) and that he couldn''t breath so she was holding my boob while I nursed him lucky she lives in Cali so it was only for 4 days but still wth

my mother in law likes to make point to always mention how her other kids married white people and her son married me, a Hispanic girl. SHE IS ALSO HISPANIC!! And she likes cry every time we mention anything about church, I''m Mormon and my husband is not but he comes with me and is ok with the church.She will cry like if we told her someone died or that we became drug addicts. I am bilingual and plan on teaching my kids spanish at home and that is also something she criticizes because none of her other grandchildren speak Spanish.

MIL always talks through my kids to criticize me. "Mom, where's my jacket??"

my mother in law hates me and told me that she''s happy that she does not have to worry about the future generations and she would love if I died in child birth

my Mother in law and her granddaughters laughed while I sang a hymn at her child's funeral because she said I sang the MORMON version .. she HATES MORMONS

Been with my husband for 9 years. You think I''d get used to my mother in laws comments. I am 23 weeks pregnant and you can clearly see that. I was wearing a tight fitting shirt and she said "oh wow you are really embracing this"

my now mother in law who lives in a different state prayed at a big family party when my husband and I were dating that he would find a new girlfriend that didn''t live in Utah. She said this right in front of me and the whole family. We have now been married for 3 years and let''s just say we don''t visit my mother in law very often

1st baby MIL lived w/ us for 3 months while I worked. She reorganized all my closets. No asking. What!?

Living with the MIL while our house is being built. She butts in when my 3 year old is throwing a fit, saying "if he was my kid, he''d be getting a spanking", or "he''d get smacked". Both WFH and she was telling my husband I do nothing on my breaks from work, while she is mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms on her breaks.

MIL told my husband we need to buy her a new ceiling fan because my kids were jumping off the couch and hanging from the chain and broke it. Turns out she needed to turn on the switch, not just pull the chain. Never apologized for her accusations.

MIL helped us clean apartment after we moved out. Afterwards she said she needed to teach us how to properly clean a bathroom. Maybe you should''ve taught your son that earlier.

my MIL had an affair and then married a guy that's 6 months younger than my husband. Ps he wears white framed sunglasses too

My MIL is very insecure about the fact that most of her children are obese. My MIL started a fitness group chat to have each of us be held accountable to do some sort of physical activity every single day and eat healthier. If we didn''t send a text everyday saying we worked out, she would send texts saying we need to work harder.

When I had first started dating my husband, he was still living at home with his parents. (He was 22 at the time) and lived downstairs in a separate part of the house. One day while My (now husband) And I were sitting on the couch watching tv, my MIL came down the stairs, sat right between us and told me that she wasn''t comfortable with me coming over and only hanging out downstairs where she can''t see us!!!!!! I should have ran away right then and there

My MIL told me that my husband (her son) will like my body so much more once I have babies because then I will have more curves. I am naturally tall and not curvy. I wanted to say "Not that it''s any of your business, but my husband is JUST fine with my body." I am lucky enough to hear comments like this all the time from her

my mother in law posted that it was the best day of her life when my brother in law proposed to his girlfriend recently when my husband and I have been married for 5 years and nothing was ever said about our wedding/proposal

Mother-in-law, where do I start. I was so excited that my husband and I reached 10 years and I was telling her how excited I was. She says, "well I guess we will see if you make it the next 10, huh?" Married for 15 years. #whatnowbiotch

mother-in-law makes the biggest seen everytime we take her out to eat. No matter what she has a problem and complains every-single-time

looks are very important to my MIL. I was 9 months pregnant, in July! Super swollen and retaining water. She looked at me up and down and slowly said "you are looking really.....fat...! WTH?!!! Turned around and left.

ex MIL spent 3yrs tellin everyone our daughter wasn't his even after dna test just to shut her up My ex cheated found out he told her I was the one cheating

When I had my daughter, in the hospital working to get her to latch on to breast feed, my MIL put her face right next to my new baby''s face and kept saying, "come on! Latch on!"

my MIL told me when I'm at her family parties I am only to speak when spoken to!! Such a bitch. And no, I didn't listen to her haha

Mother in law told grand daughter she was the favorite grandma in front of the other grandma....

when I was having my first baby, MIL tried coming in while I was delivering! My nurse knew she wasn''t allowed so she took off and kicked her out! Told her she''d call security if she didn''t leave and she didn''t care if it was her 1st grandchild, she was not wanted= love that nurse to this day

my MIL always tells us how stupid we are for spending money on our house to upgrade it. It''s our money so idk why she feels she can share her opinion. Also she hasn''t worked a real job in years and I''m sorry but I work full time and work hard for my money. I''ll do what I want with it.

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