TEXT TOPIC: What is your marriage advice?

advice i would give is to live with each other (if you can) before getting married because it's good to know if you are compatible sleeping together

best marriage advise I have is EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION! And there is no shame is seeking counseling to figure out and understand how exactly to do that with your partner.

Communication and RESPECT are everything! My wife and I have a fantastic marriage and everybody is always asking HOW! Feel very lucky to get her the way that I do!!

If you're wrong admit it, if you're right shut up.

Have sex often! Also, try not to go to bed angry at each other

2 pieces of advice 1. Read The 5 Love Languages together 2. NEVER trust a fart

when you start emailing or messaging friends/coworkers of the sex you're attracted to, ask urself if the content would upset/hurt ur partner first.--by doing this you'll prevent emotional affairs and protect ur relationship.

My advice is: Always kiss, Good Morning, Aways kiss goodnight, hold hands every chance you get and communication is key

Go to bed angry, it's fine. Talk about it tomorrow. Cooling off is healthy. Don't let it go more than a day, but that don't go to bed angry advice is crap.

Today would''ve been my 21st anniversary we rushed in and rushed out.(8 months), so my advice is to wait until you know who you are and have a job, home, car and are stable enough to bring another person into your world. Take a year to get to know them before you start committing.

Married 21 years on Saturday and this has been the hardest year. Don''t give up on each other. Understand your partner goes through seasons as you do. COMMUNICATE. Think about your partner with someone else and if you don''t like it, don''t quit. Work through the hard times, usually you''ll come out stronger than ever. And if you have kids, show them that marriage isn''t just happy times but working through things makes it worth it.

Best marriage advice is to gain an understanding and awareness of each other's expectations and preferences before you say I do.

Don''t ignore those little Red flags while dates! No matter how small they may be. Example: jealousy,moody, lazy, or even them being uninterested in your hobbies and interests. those things actually MATTER after they honeymoon phase wears off

only fight in your underwear that way no one can walk out

pick and choose your battles wisely!!! Is starting a fight/argument over it really worth it?

Make sure you''re comfortable pooping while they are in the house. I went five years without pooping while my husband was home I would run to the grocery store

Marriage Advice: Don't keep score

Dont suppress your feelings and what is important to you to appease your spouse. Eventually you will get sick of always doing what they want and it will destroy you. If its important speak up!

first of all love and respect each other and never hide anything from each other. Communication communication is key. Make sure you go out to dinner at least once a week so you don''t forget who each other are when you kids are all gone. We''ve been married 33 years and these have been a contributing factor to that. Loyal listener Bill

have a small wedding. A big wedding means you''ll have much more stress trying to please everyone. If you can, do a destination wedding with your closest friends and family who really matter.

advice for wedding: dont let your mother in law make your wedding cake. Spend the extra money for something you'll actually aully want to eat!

always talk about everything, make time everyday to have a real conversation with each other and don't hide things. Just celebrated 10 years on Tuesday!

be 100% honest financially with each other about everything including how you spend money and debT

Yesterday was our 32nd wedding anniversary. We discuss our vision for retirement all the time. Spouses need to be on the same page for financial and long term goals. Talk about your progress to the goal often.

Don''t rush marriage, make sure you at least live with each other for a while so you''re for sure if you''re compatible. I''ve seen a lot of couples just rush into marriage then move in and get a divorce soon after. Or just get married because they''re having a kid after being together for a few months. DONT RUSH IT.

marriage is hard. You have to work at it everyday. Never forget why you fell in love, even on the days you don''t like your souse. Communicate and take a break when you''re angry. Don''t go to bed mad!

marriage advice would be make sure your marrying someone that can compromise.

Keep growing and know it takes more then love. Relationships evolve and they should change over time. Be selfless without losing self. Commit, lose expectations and enjoy each other.

Best advice I give 1. The greatest gift you can learn is when and how to hold your tongue. Words stick with people forever. 2. Ask is this a me issue? A you issue? Or an us issue? 3. Lastly, the little things are really are the most important. Most of life is made up of all the little things so small kind gestures continually go a long way when the big hurdles come.

the grass really isn't greener. Instead of straying go to counseling with your spouse.

take interest in your spouse and their interests. Find things to do together. If you always tell them to do their thing alone they will resent you,

my dad always told me "Is this the hill you want to die on? Is this fight or argument worth your marriage falling apart?"

Marriage is not 50/50. It takes 100% from both

listen to the episode of Dax Shepard''s podcast Arm Chair Expert with Esther Perel. Amazing. Changed the way I few my spouse (in a good way) taught me to not have unreal expectations

Don't say 'divorce' unless you are serious. Talk about your expectations before and during.

communicate and be honest. See a couples therapist for regular tune-ups.

It's OKAY to go to bed angry! It gives u time to calm down. In the morning you'll be rested & ready to think logically about the problem.

Do not pay any mind to what other couples have. Things of the world are just things that do not love back. Be grateful for what you have together. Also, fight fair! No name calling. Trust & Respect are the core of love.

Shacking up before marriage is not advice a couple committed to their same religion would take

ugly laugh just snot dripping, snorting Side splitting laugh.

Communication is KEY!!! Lots of disagreements/arguments can be avoided or resolved if you quickly communicate and work things out rather than act like children and not use your big boy/girl words.

Set the standard and expectations of communication. Express your feelings and have tough convos, communication is key

Your marriage should only be between the two of you! Don''t let your family or friends or mother in law get involved. My mother in law and ex husband''s family was always involved and it felt like a triangle marriage. That''s not how it should be!

Don't get married in the summer heat

enjoy it and communicate. Communication is key!

Everyone has their own point of view. Listen and understand their view, but know it's ok to, agree to disagree.

alternate planning v-day & anniversary. If the wife plans v-day, hubs plans anniversary. Then the next year hubs plans v-day and wife plans anni

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bride and groom wedding figurines

bride and groom wedding figurines

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