TEXT TOPIC: What sensitive thing do you want to bring up to your spouse?

I do NOT like the pages my bf follows on insta. Makes me feel self conscious. When I bring it up HE gets defensive and refuses to talk about it

he's sooo boring. No clue about current events. Can't carry on a conversation. So underestimated

My husband and I are a mixed race couple. With everything going on right now it''s been hard for us. We are on the same side of right but our experiences are so different. It''s very sensitive right now.

my wife getting a full time job. Our kids are 17 and 14. Every time we talk about money it ends in us not talking. I feel like I will be working until I die

whenever I bring up my partners lack of relationship with his family he gets defensive. I don''t know what wounds are there but it''s a topic we absolutely can''t discuss.

Our son is 6 He is such a Picky eater and we struggle every night him trying new foods I try to keep it positive but not back down my husband gets mad yells and swears and then our son just ends up crying and gagging I don''t know how get him to understand that it''s not making this easier. I am already scared he will health issues it yelling and forcing isn''t working either

our biggest sensitive topic is his dental hygiene! He'll go days without brushing. Somehow only one cavity at our last dental visit so he thinks he's good.

sensitive topic, SEX! He wants it too much! I''m on my late 30s and don''t need it daily. But I don''t want him to feel rejected

getting married. His wife died 4-5 years ago and we have been together 7 years. It''s a subject that I get the run around on and every excuse in the book. It''s so frustrating.

hubs wants a new dog. I want a baby. Major hot button topic! We already have a dog and don''t need 2 yet. We''ve talked about having a baby in 2020 for years and suddenly it''s become a conversation that we can''t have but he will talk about a new dog all day with no problem.

the abortion we had about a year ago. he doesn't like opening up. I wish we could overcome this together. it was the hardest thing we have ever did.

My wife has 3 members of her family in prison. She is constantly trying to arrange for them to live with us once they get released. It''s a topic that is extremely hard for us to talk about.

love everything about my life, but my spouse. I want a divorce but don't want to blow up my life

Told my ex I felt I barely saw him 1 wknd. Went hiking w/his BFF & his gf, left us behind & hiked ahead, he broke up with me because it was a "trigger".

Had twins in Jan and hubby thinks my stretch marks & c-section scar are gross. I'm not having sex with someone who thinks my body is gross.

his Breath stinks without getting hem mad or sad. theres time that makes me gag

my wife has said she wants to get a boob job but gets defensive any time we talk about it.--it's like she wants to do it without talking about it. She stays at home so I'd pay for it which is fine. I just want to talk about it first.

my fianc. We used to be active a couple months before we move in together we stopped and we''ve been living together for 2 months still nothing is making me so self-concious about myself

My husband always sends his family $ and I hate it. I feel like I have to comply or I'm selfish

Same issue with the phone. My husband is on it constantly. Even when eating or at dinner, watching a movie or tv. In bed, in the morning. He is never not on it scrolling through social media, shopping, news apps. It''s to the point it''s like an additional person in our relationship. Every time I try and discuss it''s a blow up fight

for about a year and a half I''ve wanted to (and still do) separate and divorce my wife and have had a difficult time trying to bring it up. There''s no intimacy in any form, she has mentioned my past a few times it hurts. I want out

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