TEXT TOPIC: Are you feeling left out?

Told my ex I felt I barely saw him 1 wknd. Went hiking w/his BFF & his gf, left us behind & hiked ahead, he broke up with me because it was a "trigger".

I always feel left out between my siblings, I''m the oldest without a kid and also oldest without a spouse and it feels like I''m just an after thought because of that, plus whenever mom is around she constantly cuts me off and talks over me like I''m not there

My father just passed away on Monday and both my sisters didnt add me to their individual facebook post of him and said "My dad passed away" instead of "our dad" and it made me feel left out. I cried because I felt like they are selfish bitches that want to claim him for themselves. But I know I''m just overthinking it. Just makes me mad.

feel like when I'm with extended family, I feel like I'm the one that gets to be invisible because I have no spouse and no kids.

I''m feeling left Out right now because I feel like everyone I know is getting pregnant and the hubby and I are having a hard time and with all the covid all our dr appointments keep getting canceled or pushed back

husband feels left out, 3 older sisters that are at diff points in life, have more money. They always forget to let him know about family gatherings and certain things, gets cut off constantly when talking to them

I''m the only person who lives out of town. My family gets together all the time. Find out things second hand or not at all. I came home to visit and noticed something new in the house. Asked my mom where she got it and she said the kids got it for me.

I'm feeling left out. sad but mostly accept & ok w/ it. Friends have revealed their truer colors thru covid and I'm distancing from them now

My husband and step-son have started a new business together.I think it''s great for the two of them. But I feel left out and left behind. They go to "coffee" together in the morning, get lunch together, and then usually work late, sometimes until 9 or 10 at night leaving me to eat dinner alone. I do work full time but go to the shop on my lunch or after I get off work and hear about what changes they making or what new employees they are hiring or Who came to see them that day. I help with paperwork at the company (after working all day) and my husband still does not tell me things that are going on with him. We used to be so close now I just feel like his maid and secretary. =!. Sick of being home alone and tired of not being seen or heard. It''s Lonely

trying good get pregnant after my miscarriage and everyone around me is pregnant. Feeling left out and trying to Stay positive about it but it gets to me

left out! i am divorced with 3 kids. And when we go to my family parties i am the one who always has to start the conversation with everyone. If I don''t i sit in the corner like I don''t exist. Then when I decided to leave they all act like "oh why i did even get to talk to you.

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