TEXT TOPIC: Happy Tuesday! What is your Passive Aggressive text?

U were SO desperate to hire me and then u treat me like crap on my 2nd day. Little do u know my previous boss will gladly take me back. Keep it up.

Just cuz you get a new car every 3 months doesn't mean we all think you have money. Get a clue

Dear roomate if you block me out of my parking spot one more time I will tow your car. Stop pretending the world revolves around you.

stop parking in a drive thru, and wait for the business to open! It''s rude

no, sister, my medically necessary scheduled induction wasn''t purposely planned to steal your birthday. I didn''t ask to have him a month early just to spite you.

Maybe while you're all obsessing about keeping up with the Jones, you can work on making your personality palatable.

dear CEO, don''t volunteer me to plan a major event only 6 weeks before it is supposed to happen and then continue to micromanage every aspect of what I''m doing. Drop the power struggle. I''m the event planner, let me do my job!

Lazy people, especially who don''t pick up after themselves. My husband and I live in an apartment building and it''s amazing how many people just leave garbage around, open boxes leave them out in the mailroom or garbage in the parking lot or hallways. Garbage everywhere! They don''t pick up or wipe down after they use the gym or common spaces. Pick up after yourself. Leave the spaces clean.

dear soon 2 be ex husband STOP playing the victim I''m here raising our children alone and putting them through therapy for everything you''ve put us through!

Dear little sister don''t post everything on social media especially when you are reacting to strong emotions. Your emotional whiplash BS is really starting to wear your family down and push them away.

passive aggressive. We ALL know how you guys feel about masks, but those of us that don''t wear them don''t appreciate being reprimanded by you EVERY DAY. I''m sure this won''t make it on air, but that''s okay.

to my husband please stop turning off the air while I get ready in the morning I showered I don't like being a puddle while I get dressed

I hate you. I hate you. I can't believe I wasted 20 years of my life with you. At least I have my kids, but I hate you!

dear family members that I never speak to please stop calling and texting to ask about my divorce when all you want to do is use it to talk about me behind my back

to my mother in law, I don't need you to raise our baby. We're both very stable and good parents. Thanks.

You are not better then everyone and you live in my house so if my kids say hello to you when you come home the least you can do is say hi back don''t be an ass and ignore them

ppl with the in god we trust licenses plate.STOP stoping on the Merging lane to see if traffic is coming. That's why is a merging lane

To the person who text about not wearing your mask and crying about being reprimanded, wear your mask. You freaking adult toddler

When this relationship ends, you will only have your daughter to blame. Pretending her issues don t exist and effect everything and everyone doesn''t make them go away. Maybe be a parent, not a friend.

hey person who doesn''t like being reprimanded for NOT wearing a mask, how bout wearing a mask. Stop making a political/philosophical statement, it''s not that, it''s science and it helps.

People. PEOPLE. Just wear a mask. It is not too much to ask. (Thank you to those who do)

Hey sisters-in-law, don't talk crap on my Facebook post then block me so you can have the last word. You little Trollope!

to the person who just chastised you guys for commenting about masks, maybe if people stopped being selfish a holes they wouldn't have to.

Sorry about that person crying about not wearing a mask is the type person that doesn''t get it! WEAR YOUR D*** MASK!! HELLO!!!=!

it's not my fault that you assumed that you were my maid of honor, I clearly NEVER asked you to be. I'm not the bad guy here, grow up and stop ignoring me

my ex hasn't seen his kids over a month and only took them for an hour half on Father's Day, yeah dont say your not a dead beat dad

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