TEXT TOPIC: Did your job try to get you to do something immoral?

boss tried to get me to forge a Dr's signature on a patients file because he forgot to sign it and we were in an audit. I walked out. She was fired

was a biller at a nursing home had to bill oxygen at 8/day to Medicaid most of these patients weren''t even on oxygen brought it up and it was taken away from me.

almost weekly my company tells their CST''s to "fudge" their DOT logs so they do not get fined. Can''t report it to HR because the owner has his sister as CFO and his half sister as HR. The HR is scared of the CFO so nothing is ever done always "swept under the rug".

was a receptionist at an ins. co. Boss wanted me to forge a signature with my female handwriting. Quit soon after

worked for a bank. I was transferred to a different branch when I wouldnt do their shady business. Later let go because I questioned what they were doing.

our company didn''t pay our bonuses to 1,000 employees and blamed it on Corona- we have plenty of money in the bank, we had 2 executives walk out and quit since it was immoral

worked for a nutraceutical company for 3 years. Found a couple dead flies and mold in the bottom of a barrel used to create essential oils. Supervisor said to keep going and not tell a soul. To this day I knew it was wrong and should''ve done the right thing. Haunts me to use their company products. Worse is that a supervisor let this happen and continued to run the product and sell to customers

worked at check into cash wanted me go against company policy and state to give more money to customers

was a project manager for a home builder. My boss wanted me to give a contract to his brother in law, even though that''s against the law when you''re receiving federal funds. I refused and quit

was asked to fudge meeting minutes to show that enough yes votes were received to do major bylaw changes for our organization. When I spoke up against it I was yelled at in front of my coworkers.

I was asked to fire an employee who had just been sexually assaulted and missed worked and they considered it a no call no show

used to work at a child care center and my boss told us consistently not to report cases of child abuse or endangerment.

While traveling internationally with the company owner, he put the moves on me. After I quit he's done the same thing to other female employees.

Accounting part time for small company. Wanted me to take online defensive driving, deduct gf''s new shotgun, other non business expenses. I got fired for refusing

They fired me when I told them I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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