TEXT TOPIC: Did you get busted when you were trying to be sneaky?

I was sleeping at my boyfriend's didn't want mom to know. Told her at my friend's. She drove there in morning and called to ask where I was. Busted

when my ex was a teen, him and a friend were out stealing stereo systems. They dumped stuff at his house and went out for more. When they got back,the stuff was all gone. His dad heard them, took the stuff and hid it from them. They ended up having to take it all back to the owners.

house sitting for my sister took a guy over after the bar my mom came to check on me I had to answer the door in his shirt I couldn't find my clothes

Bedroom was on basement level. I crawled out of my window to hang out with some friends, tried to get back into my room around 2 in the morning. My bedroom window was locked. Ended up crawling in my brothers room, his bed was directly under the window, his screaming was what woke me mom back.....not so sneaky.

when I was 14 I snuck out of ballet class to go hang out with boys. It was the one day my family came to pick me up early. My mom went in and asked for me, they said I wasn''t there. She panicked and was freaking out where I was. I walked back with the boys, saw my mom with a glaring look. I was in sooo much trouble.

found my daughter's marijuana stash so I wrapped it up and gave it to her for her birthday in front of the family

At 14 my friend and I took my parents old dodge dart and drove it to her cousins jr high. We got at the school and they were going to call our parents t ok come pick us up, we told the principal we walked there. He ended up letting us go, but i was in the car getting my friends brush when my mom got home and I was busted then.

wanted to scare my aunt and uncle. I hid under the bed. They came in the room and closed the door. Before i could jump out, i saw clothes being thrown on the floor. I started yelling, wait, im under the bed. Thought they were gonna get it on. They were sorting laundry. Lol

snuck into my boyfriends house for a quickie his dad WAS asleep but woke up and walked in on us.

was 16 and barely just got my license. I was sitting at a stoplight waiting to go the light turn green there was a cute girl sitting at the bus stop it turned to her and smiled thinking I was cool and crashed into the back of a Toyota pickup truck. Smashed the front of my oms car. I lied to my mom and told her it happened at a party and she let me go through the whole ordeal and then said no the guy that you hit Steve called me and told me what happened. I felt like such a jerk

tried sneaking out with my bff and my sister. I got out the window when mom woke up. Sis and BFF pretended like they were sleeping. I got locked out and my mom yelled u can sleep out there

MY 15yo stole my car to go to McDonalds @ 1am. Saw a police car and pulled an illegal turn right in front of them. Cop knocked at my door with my son looking like all scared. I pull out my flip flop and smacked him with it, cop just pulled the door closed and walked away. Lol he wasn''t messing with me!

At 14/15 my parents went out & a friend and I took the car to get food. Dad noticed the car was too warm & smelled like McDonalds fries. Busted.

once had two girls over while my parents were out, well they came back early and found the three of us in the living room, mom was horrified and dad was either proud or embarrassed or embarrassed for being proud

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