TEXT TOPIC: What is your parenting regret?

One of my regrets as a parent [all parents have a list I am sure] was my unhealthy relationship with food I was anorexic and I thought that I hid that but my adult kids now tell me they knew I never ate. And sometimes I made comments that made them feel they were fat

If you get divorced, and other parent isn''t psycho, live as close to you can to ex so kids can feel daily support from both parents or you''ll always regret not being there for your children! Guilt is so overwhelming

wish I would''ve been able to give my six-year-old daughter a sibling close in age you know within 1 to 2 years. That way she would have like a built-in best friend and buddy system.

Over reacting to certain situations. I know my son doesn't feel completely comfortable talking to me about things now.

wish I''d spent time more time..no so much work!!

wish I would have realized how important it was to have a spouse without a temper. That the mentality "I can change that" is rarely possible. It will always trickle down to parenting the children and not creating a safe environment for them to grow and make mistakes safely:/

regret not letting my daughter fall asleep on her own. Almost 12 and still can't fall asleep by herself

I was an alcoholic for my sons first 4 years of his life and I feel guilt every day. I am sober now and it''s taken a year to earn my sons trust back. He didn''t like to be around me and wild cry when I would pick him up it was awful. I''m hoping being sober now I can make up for it.

Wish I would have set aside ego 2 co-parent w/daughter's dad when she was young. He used it as an excuse to walk away. 14 yo, no relationship w/him at all.

regret sticking up for my son as much as I could to protect him from things in life and making excuses for everything, instead of letting him experience getting out of situations. He''s 20 and just got a job, but is struggling with depression and anxiety, and expecting me to bail him out of it all.

regret doing too much for my daughter and not letting her learn hard lessons & become independent. She's almost 25 and very codependent.

regret not realizing how little my step son was when we got full custody of him (mom- meth habit). He was 5 going through such adult things. I could have been a lot more gentle w/his tender heart. = His feelings weren''t obvs & he could not articulate why he was SO emo about unrelated things.

parenting regret is sending my 5 year old to her room when she''s having a tantrum. Now when I tell her it''s time for chores she says "noooo I''m going to have a tantrum and I need to go to room!"

in the thick of it, wishing I could find a way to relax. I'm strict& always on edge, I hate it & criticize myself a lot for it. Also putting phones down.

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