TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD!! What is your something good?!

So excited, this week I will have paid $7000 towards a new furnace and AC in less than a year. Having two jobs has paid off!

today is exactly 3 months until my due date with my first baby, and my husband gets to come to today's doctor appointment for the first time since 12 weeks

My friends bakery opened in Magna! Zana

something good my youngest son turned 6 last week and we were able to have a bbq and little party at our house for the first time

Today is my 1st Mon. commute back 2 work since 3/16/20. It is sadly my last Mon. commute. Lost job due to Rona. Packing store up this week. Good 2 B live w/ U.

had an orientation last week with my soon to be new job, I'm getting really excited to move to this dept w/a promotion! :)

gd nws daughter FINALLY got some dance comp this wkend, has the same scores for both dances, took first in the dance she choreoed (w/coach''s help)and 2nd in her other dance with GREAT scores!

paid off $51,500 in credit card debt this week

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