TEXT TOPIC: How did your kid melt your heart?

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when my little guy walks up hugs me out of nowhere and says i love you too... Freaking melts me every time

I have a 12 year old brother & 8 year old niece. They told me I''m the best sister/aunt they prayed for And they picked some of my roses to give to their moms.

my niece, Thea, is 2 and she loves me so much, I just think she is adorable and her just saying "I love you, Seesaw" (her nickname for me) just melts my heart

I watch my niece 2 days a week. And she''s a handful. But the other day she said thank you for watching me Aunt kylie I love you. She is 5 years old! And it was very sweet.

Our daughter violet just turned 2 on Tuesday. We always say please and thank you with her so she can learn and say it on her own. My wife text me about an hour ago and said I poured Violet some cereal and Violet said "oh, thank you, mommy"

I think my son was about 5 or 6. Putting him and brother to bed2 wks before Christmas, he asked "Mama, can I make a birthday card for Jesus?" Melted my HEART

my sister was at the store a few weeks ago and her girls wanted to buy a stuffed horse an thru asked her 2 get it she said no bcuz the sound toys drive her crazy but my youngest niece told her it was 4 aunt bertney so of course she bought it and they gave it to me and told me they thought of me and wanted it for me.

my 7 yr old grandson found an old ring in my house, he came to me, put the ring in my finger and said Will you be my Nana forever? So sweet.

our 13 yr old boy went to lagoon with friends. His 10yr old sister didnt get to go. He BOUGHT her a $16 animal & gave it to her when he got home last night

just started dating a girl who has 2 daughters. The youngest one just told me on Monday that she missed me "sooo much" while she was at her dad''s for the weekend while she was hugging me and looking up at me

My 6 yr old grand daughter looked at me & said NaNa your getting old,... BUT don't worry I'll still keep you.

I was worried my 4 year old would stare at the cashier with a huge birthmark on her face but she didn''t. When we got in the car she said Wow that girl is sooo beautiful she has purple and blue on her face. She understands were all different.

last week my 18 month old nephew who calls me NaNae, started running from the kitchen to the living room and jumping in my arms and hugging me, over and over again! Such a sweet little dude! Melted my heart!

3 cousins would always come over on fri when they didn''t have after school prog ages 11 8 & 5. well one day (tues) Got home from work to see the 5 year old sitting on our steps waiting and I''m like D why are you here where''s your bro and sis? he said well I wanted to see you. totally melted my heart but had to have the convo on why it''s not safe to walk alone

My two-year-old son will see me crying he will come up Pat my face and say it OK mommy love you

Nephew was spending the night and we were laying in bed watching tv he put his arms behind our heads and said "Aunt Rachel and Aunt Andi I love you.I wish I could live here all the time. We don''t do this at my house.

My 5 year old granddaughter said Grandma "I need you" right at a time when I really needed to hear that. Melted my heart.

my grandson Isn't supposed to burp at the table. He burped and said... grandma I burped but I'm so sorry for it. So sweet

My 3 year old looked at me and said "mom you're special." I said "aw thank you baby!" He said "yu-yu-you a unicorn." Oh my hell. Heart melt. Sweetest boy

last February my 17 year old senior broke his arm 2 weeks before the high school state championships. He had to watch his team win and break a state record without him, knowing he would have won and gotten A college scholarship. Later that night he broke down and told his girlfriend all he needed was to hug his mom. I hugged him for hours and cried with him.

I was scooping the dog poop. My neighbor boy yelled across the fence so sincerely "hey neighbor you are scooping up the dog poop really good." He just kept talking about what a great job I was doing. He was five! Totally melted my heart!

my 3 year old daughter ran up to a police officer and hugged him , has never done that before and he said it meant a lot to him

Single mom, only child. 14 yo daughter wanted 2 hang out w/me last night. Went 2 store & watched a movie. She then leaned over 2 cuddle w/me during movie.

had some medical issues a few weeks back and stayed with my daughter and family. My 5 yr old grandson would come in, in the middle of the night, and tell me he loved me and hope I get better soon. =- Such a sweet soul.

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