TEXT TOPIC: What was your saving grace food when you were pregnant?

Chocolate Creamies! I gained 67 lbs. Lol

my first pregnancy was hard shell tacos from taco bell and my second was Carmel frappe's from McDonald's.

1st pregnancy was chocolate frosty, 2nd mint chocolate chip ice cream and 3rd was air heads candy

special k was my saving grace! I went through 4 family size boxes a week. Many days it was breakfast lunch and dinner.

Taco Bell and more specifically the taco sauce. I would literally open the packets and drink them Barb

with my first son my saving grace was a cheddar mushroom burger from wendys. With my 2nd son it was chocolate brownie with peanut butter ribbon ice cream. Which was weird because I will choose vanilla 100% over chocolate.

worked at IKEA and the only thing I could eat there that did not make me want to throw up was there mac and cheese.

Applebee's kids Mac n' cheese EXTRA CHEESE

7-11 Hotdogs

it was salad and bubble gum with both boys. They still love to eat salad, have one almost every night with dinner

My saving grace for pregnancy was every morning eating a bowl of multi grain Cherrios with cut up bananas in it. For about 7 months Lol

my saving grace for my 1st pregnancy was top ramen with hot sauce and a giant glass of milk, and my 2nd pregnancy was sweets

with my son was cucumbers with lime, salt and tajin and my daughter was strawberries and cream

For one of my pregnancies I had to have cooked spinach every day. I ended up only gaining 11 pounds during my entire pregnancy and had a 9 pound baby.

saving grace was cranberry juice! I loved it the entire time. Hated it before being Prego and stopped loving it in the hospital after having my son.

1st pregnancy chocolate banana shakes. 2nd pregnancy cherry shakes.

apples & peanut butter for breakfast

zupas Nutz about berries salad

My Saving Grace during both of my pregnancy Little Caesars Italian cheesy bread

PBJ! I use to dislike peanut butter until I was pregnant. Now my daughter is ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS!!

I loved really cold refrigerated ketchup!!! It had to be really cold. >v I also loved cereal (any kind) which gave me the worse heartburn

had to have banana shakes from Iceberg and then dip fries in it. Yummy.

hot wings were my saving grace. The real ones with bones. Boneless are just chicken nuggets Jess.

my saving Grace was Chili cheese fries ! Either from weinersnitzel or homemade with Hormel Chili absolutely no beans

Same as Kylees mom- I cannot stomach milk normally but while pregnant I drink 4 glasses a day.

My saving grace was bean and cheese burritos from Taco Time! I ate them at least 4 times per week! Made the hips thick but totally worth it! Lol

1st pregnancy with my daughter was cheese ALL things with cheese! 2nd pregnancy with my son was Mexican food! I could eat Mexican food for breakfastlunch and dinner and never get sick of it! Give me all of the chili Verde burritos!!!

Somthered burritos with cheese & onions side of sour cream from La Frontera my daughter is a huge fan of it too!

total vegetarian suddenly craved meat! Kill it grill it and let me have it!

first all I ate was fruit. Ended up with gestational diabetes! Third chickfila!!

craved watermelon my first pregnancy. I ate a 22# watermelonin one day

Lemons, with my first kid.

Saving grace during pregnancy was salad with cottage cheese on top drenched in ranch dressing.

McDonalds hash browns and their smoothies. Captain crunch cereal

Bologna and cucumber sandwiches

with both my son''s I craved citrus(lemons and limes) w/my daughter I could not handle raw meat(would get sick) but loved salads(would eat them for breakfast!)

ate hot tamales my entire pregnancy. My son now LOVES spicy and hot like no other!

Mine was dollar cheeseburgers groin McDonald's, and pina colada slurpees!

My mom would literally go to the store everyday to buy a watermelon everyday when pregnant because it was all she wanted to eat

canned chili

1st preg chef boyardee ravioli by the can. 2nd preg Subway turkey sandwiches

souped up minute rice = cream of mushroom over white instant rice during pregnancy. And daquari ice from Baskin Robbins

was a vegetarian for years and years but all I craved on my pregnancy was RED MEAT! Carne asada all day long!

Craved Slirpees

my saving grace thru pregnancy was top Raman with butter and the packet no water. Soo salty and delicious

during 2nd pregnancy ate nachos almost everyday. Only the cheese and chips. Diff kinds of cheeses, but didnt realize it was a craving until I lookedback and realized I ate it everyday for months. Only thing I could keep down

craved Olive Garden while pregnant, ate some much, that I'm pretty sure my daughters' blood type is Alfredo! They both love the Alfredo as much as me.

water was my #1 pregnancy craving literally I would drink 8-10 bottls a day immediately after zero

1st baby... Pineapple everything 2nd baby was Taco Bell bacon breakfast crunch wrap w/ tons of hot sauce & also Wendy''s fries & their strawberry lemonade. I''d make my S.O. go to the drive throughs to get me the specific items for my cravings for 1 meal

1st daughter - Dunford chocolate donuts 2nd daughter - 7/11 slurpees 3rd daughter - Texas roadhouse Fillet mignon

spinach right out of can eating it with a fork running down my chin. Couldn't get enough. My daughter also craved when she was prego!!

I HATE raisins...couldn't eat enough of them when I was pregnant with my daughter

could not eat enough Cesar salads when I was pregnant.

my wife with our three kids, the first tacobell and slurpees, the 2nd was pickles and any mexican food and ot cheetos, the 3rd was shaved ice with no flavor.

when I was pregnant I couldn't stop eating hot tamales (the candy) I could sit and eat 3-4 boxes without even thinking about it.

Rootbeer drank it my whole pregnancy and I did not like it before and hated it after. It is my daughter's favorite drink.

already made chocolate milk with one of my pregnancy, tried buying the mix to make my own.. NOPE! Not the same thing

ALFREDO whether it was with pasta or just dipping a bread stick in it. That might have contributed to my 45 pound weight gain

1st pregnancy: fruit and cheese. 2nd: chips and salsa. 3rd: pineapple and banana pepper pizza, cream cheese and pickles.

my moms saving grace when she was pregnant with me were tomatoes straight out of the garden, they had to have the dirt on them

craved Utah Noodle Parlors hand made pork noodles.

corn dogs drenched in mustard, bean & cheese burrito from Taco John's, & mash.pot.w/gravy

It was different for all three pregnancies my oldest I craved skipper''s their clam chowder and my son cannot stand it == our second son it was Mexican food and he loves Cafe Rio our daughter it was Chinese food and the only thing that she eats is The orange chicken

prego ALL summer Tons of Watermelon those orange & red popsicles carn asada tacos and single slice cakes Everywhere

craved coke slurpees. They kept me from feeling nausea and sick. My son loves them to this day!!

with my 1st it was nacho cheese Doritos & sliced velveeta. My 2nd was fruit snacks

is my wife''s go to was also pickles and ice cream. Funny story it''s 11:30 at night she was craving pickles and ice cream so I went to the store to get it for her. On my way back i made a illegal left hand turn. I got pulled over immediately. I explained to the cop that I was out making a run for the wife who''s craving pickles and ice cream because she was pregnant! He looked and saw the pickles and ice cream smiled and gave me the head movement to get out of here. And said no more illegal left-hand turns have a great night

had to have a bottle of grapefruit juice a day & 3-5 days a week I'd have to have a chili relleno (never had them before the pregnancy either).

loved watermelon and shrimp fried rice!


We lived in woods Cross while I was pregnant and I would make my husband take me to Lons BBQ in Orem just for their potato salad

Banana flavoring.

My first pregnancy was Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger's with extra mayo every single night.

so much fruit and corn on the cob

these foods are so specific too!!! = if the ketchup wasn''t cold enough there might be tears there might not. Not sure

first pregnancy spicy food nothing was spicy enough daughter came out with tons of hair couldn't handle it the 2nd one had a bald boy

Pepperoni hot pockets and V8 juice every day by the pool in AZ

Klausen pickles

1st was milk, 2nd was fruits and veggies and 3rd NOTHING! This kid hates everything. I can't eat ice cream while pregnant with any of my kids.

pizza, I cried when I dropped some

my wife craved baked potatoes with cheese, bacon and broccoli and Reese's cups

craved pickles & ranch, Kraft Mac & cheese & chicken flavor ramen w/oldest, 2nd child lo mein, just the noodles, 3rd Child Anything w/pnut butter, Ihate pnut butter so does she

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