TEXT TOPIC: Happy Thankful Thursday! What or who are you thankful for?

thank you to the thin blue line who are the ones that protect us from all out chaos.

want to say thank u 2 the guys I work with. They always have my back and we have turned in2 a family which helps in the industry we are in. They make my job so much more bearable when it turns to crap. I definitely would have quit by now if it wasn’t' for them.

Thank you to the beautiful mountains. They have been my refuge, my place of healing and I feel Gods love there. So really, Thank you God!

thankful for Sean Whalen and his group the Lions Den for teaching me to be my own boss –Haylo

after my father passed away my older brother took the father role. Thank you Chris for helping me learn how to ride a bike, shave, and giving advice for my first date and everything in between. So sad that you lost your battle to cancer love you David.

thankful Thursday for my hubby. He always makes sure I have what I need being pregnant with bb boy #2. He''s the best dad to our boys and best husband in the world. Love you Chris!

I''m thankful for my mother shes been at my side through thick and thin. Love her so much. And also my husband for busting his ass working and giving me time to get a break from being a working mother to stay at home mother giving me the opportunity to be home with my kids after 14 yrs of working. Truly thankful for these people in my life

Thank you for thankful Thursday. Your boy Reggie. It's been almost two years of it. I hope it Has helped people.

want to thank my cutest parents Brian and Dixie for helping us get ready for a new baby - watching kids and dogs, painting rooms, decorating, giving us baby boy clothes, endless generosity; I could go on!! Thanks mama and papa!!

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