Michelle Volz, local artist, supporting the Black Community

Hands holding wrists in support

Michelle Volz, a local artist, took a blank canvas up to the capitol during one of the peaceful protests downtown Salt Lake City. She had protestors pledge that they would no longer stay silent on the issue of race, that they would continue to learn and teach my children and always be part of the conversation. It was her way to show solidarity, to show them that though I don’t understand what they feel and go through, that I am with them.

There are two pieces, a large one she will be gifting to the State of Utah as a tactile memorial of this most important conversation in hopes they hang it where leaders can see it regularly, and a smaller sister piece, the above piece, which will be auctioned off this upcoming week. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the#NAACP .

She hopes you’ll join us in the auction! Follow@volzart to follow the auction or make a bid. Bidding will begin Tuesday June 9th at noon and will close Friday June 12th at midnight. The bidding with start at $300. To place a bid, simply comment with your bid. The highest bid on Friday at midnight will procure the piece. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Photo: Getty Images

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