Can Utah Businesses Require You to Wear a Mask?

Cashier with mask and gloves scanning disinfectants

Cashier with mask and gloves scanning disinfectants

Many businesses are starting to open back up under social distancing guidelines in Utah. Some businesses have posted signs requiring patrons to wear masks during the Coronavirus outbreak, but is it legal? According to attorney David Reymann, a local First Amendment attorney with Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, yes it is.

“You can set the terms of what happens in your business and there’s no requirement that you allow people to come into your business, for instance with a gun or without a face mask or something like that,” Reymann said. “If you want to set those terms, it’s your business, you’re a private business, you’re entitled to do that.”

Some potential consumers aren’t happy about it and said they wouldn’t go into a business that required them to wear a mask.

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