ESPN picked up a show that one of our listeners came up with!

ESPN The Party - Inside

ESPN picked up a show that listener Jess (who listens in Boston) came up with!

"3 Day Weekend", which is going to air on Friday in primetime! It's on ESPN's ACCN Network, and also streaming live on the ESPN App, and YouTube TV channel and other subscription services. It's going to be aired back to back at 6 and 6:30PM EST. 

It's a Travel, Food & Drink, Adventure, Sports show with ME as the host that will feature itineraries on what to do in and around the college cities and towns of the schools in the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference). The idea is, you go there for the game, but what to see and do the rest of your visit? Think: Clemson, Duke, Notre Dame, Florida State, UNC Chapel Hill, Boston College, Syracuse to name some. We have been working to get this show made for over a year, and got to shoot the pilot right before we went into lockdown. It's been my dream, ever since the days of working on Studio 5. Years of slogging through this cutthroat industry, with all its rejection- I still love it!

and the ESPN press release:

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