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Help if you can

Many of you heard that on February 27th Justin was rushed to the emergency room. What many of you didn’t know is he had pneumonia in both lungs, liver failure, and double kidney failure. They also found he had Endocarditis (an infection in his main heart valve). They immediately started to administer antibiotics to try to stop the infection from growing. He was started on dialysis to help get his kidneys functioning again, as well as had several blood transfusions. We were notified the only thing that could be done about the infection in his valve was to have open heart surgery to remove the valve and have it replace. Justin’s body is not strong enough to undergo open heart surgery, he will not survive the procedure. The doctors treated him the best they could and he was discharged to come home on home health. He continued to go to dialysis where a majority of his kidney functions returned. We then got the news that hisliver will not recover and the infection in his valve is still growing, Justin decided to switch from home health to hospice where he can enjoy a quality of life pain free. His diagnosis is terminal. Justin continues to fight everyday. This week he will be going into surgery to remove the dialysis port out of his heart. There is that chance he could not make it through the surgery. I am asking for donations to help with the monthly bills we have. I am not working so I can stay home and care for him as well as get every last minute I can with him, I am not ready to let my best friend go. We do not have a timeframe for when his body will have enough. Please pray for a miracle with me. Justin is getting stronger, which is good. If he gets strong enough he can have the open heart surgery, but we don’t know if his liver will last that long, and his heart could stop at anytime without warning. I am gathering funds not only for our few monthly bills, but also trying to raise enough for his funeral if/when that time comes. Justin has given me the okay to post about his fight for life.

Why I'm raising money

How donations will be used

We are desperately in need of car insurance to get our vehicles registered to transport him where he needs and wants to go.

I will be setting a majority of the donations aside for funeral expenses

I want to thank everyone who has already helped us during this “nightmare “ that came without warning. I would also like to thank you for your prayers and any donation you can give.

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