Help If You Can: Listener's baby

The Carter family was excited to announce the fourth member of their family, due to come this June. It was announced that their daughter, Adleigh was going to be a big sister. In December, our family got the exciting news at a gender reveal party, that they were adding another daughter to their family. 

In late January, Dane and Aubrey were hit by an intoxicated driver while vacationing in Hawaii. With Aubrey being pregnant, they went straight to the hospital to make sure everything was okay with the baby. Upon testing, it was discovered that baby Scottie's brain was not developing correctly, unrelated to the crash. Her head was also filling with fluid, causing it to become larger.

Dane and Aubrey knew that this baby was meant to be a part of their family, so many hospital trips, long nights, and testing followed. An appointment with a Dr. in April revealed that Scottie's head was getting too big for Aubrey to deliver the baby, and on April 15th, 2020 Scottie Lynn Carter came into this world, two months early.

After Scottie's birth, she underwent multiple surgeries within a few days span. One of them being a brain surgery. Scottie was having many seizures daily, some lasting up to 20 minutes long. Many different seizure medications did not seem to help reduce them. Her lungs were also not strong enough for her to breathe on her own. An MRI revealed gray matter inside her brain, that should not be there.

Our sweet Scottie passed away peacefully, to rejoin her heavenly family on April 19, 2020. She is loved by so many, and will always be in our hearts. We know that she will always be watching over us, and we will always be looking up to her.

Aubrey and Dane have a rough road ahead of them, and the last thing that I want to see is financial difficulty as they navigate the medical bills, and funeral costs that are coming their way. Please join me in helping to alleviate the financial stress. It is the only part of this tough time, that we have any control over.

*They do have insurance, but the out of pocket max is quite high. Additionally, Scottie did not have life insurance, so funeral expenses are out of pocket.*

Thank you all. Much love.

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