Tony & Katherine Butterfield Family Memorial Fund

Our hearts are broken as we mourn the tragic loss of Tony & Katherine Butterfield and are concerned what comes next for their three surviving children. 

In the early hours of Saturday morning, April 18th, an intruder came into their home and despite fighting for their lives, they were brutally shot and killed while their 3 children, ages 4 and under, slept upstairs. While we are so grateful that their children were not harmed, we are devastated at the loss of their loving parents. 

Tony & Katherine were young and in love for several years before they both served LDS missions and married shortly after they both returned from their service. They created a beautiful family and a wonderful life for their 3 children; with the most recent addition arriving just 6 months ago. 

Katherine was a ray of sunshine with a vibrant smile and a beautiful singing voice; she could light up any room. She was the first to serve and willing to help in any situation. Even during this global pandemic, she had written personal letters to everyone in her family expressing her love for each of them. Katherine loved being a mother, was easy-going, and always made sure her children were generously loved and well-cared for. Motherhood came naturally to her and she never let a memory-in-the-making go to waste. She was fun-loving, cheerful, and enjoyed the little every day moments she was able to create with them. 

Tony was a talented craftsman, always with a project up his sleeve. He enjoyed doing renovations on his own home, building tree swings, and sand boxes for his kids. When he wasn’t hard at work, he loved spending time with his family either snowboarding, fishing, camping or doing a backyard bonfire. Tony was always ready with a witty remark that kept everyone laughing.

Tony and Katherine were hard workers and started their own landscaping company from the ground up. They worked together in managing and growing their business and enjoyed working alongside one another to provide for their family. 

At this devastatingly difficult time, we sincerely request your generosity in making a donation, in honor of Tony & Katherine’s memory, to aid and support their beautiful little family. We know that there is nothing that we can do to bring back the parents of these dear children, but we earnestly hope that we can provide some measure of assurance and security for their future needs. 

As lifelong neighbors and friends of Katherine Crane Butterfield, we have come together to set up this fund for her children.  

If you would like to make a donation outside of GoFundMe, please consider sending your donation directly through the Venmo or Mountain America Accounts below:

Venmo Account: @TonyKatherine-Butterfield

*Last 4 digits of the phone number are 7600.

Mountain America Account - Tony and Katherine Butterfield Memorial: 11932416

*Last name on the account is Hurst.

Transparency of Funds

I have created this fundraiser as a lifelong friend to the Crane family. The funds donated will be used for the typical cost of raising and educating only the children of Katherine and Tony Butterfield. Emily, Katherine's oldest sister, has been added as a beneficiary to this campaign and will be solely responsible for withdrawing and transferring these funds. 

To help get the word out, you can share the link to your Facebook.

Photo: Getty Images

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