Love for LaNece: GoFund Me

For those of you who know LaNece our (babygirl), and for those who may not, it has been a devastating couple of weeks for a truly good, kind, caring woman who does all she can for her two beautiful children Brooks & Tatum, her extended family, those she loves, and the world around her.   

On Saturday evening, LaNece lost the love of her life, Todd Andreason, her husband of 23 ½ years due to complication from the Covid-19 virus. Losing a spouse is one of the toughest things a person can go through in life. Losing a spouse and not being able to be by his side or hold his hand in the ICU or hug your children in their time of loss is incomprehensible.

On March 28th LaNece waved goodbye to Todd as they wheeled him into the ICU. That was the last time she saw him. To make things even more painful, LaNece and her children are all quarantined at home with no physical touching between them. Tatum has tested positive but is only exhibiting mild symptoms. LaNece has also tested positive but is not showing any symptoms and Brooks has tested negative but is still quarantined from his mother and sister. At a time when they need each other most, the awful virus has separated them. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache this family is enduring right now with the loss of their DAD and not being able to hug your Mom when you need her most. It just breaks my heart. 

This gut-wrenching loss is more than anyone should have to bear. I know the loss of Todd is going to put quite a strain on LaNece financially and we cannot let that happen! Our dear friend deserves time to mourn, she deserves to hug her children for as long as she needs, she deserves time without any additional worries. She has always been there for us in times of need and we need to wrap our arms around her in the only way we can right now. 

Please help LaNece & her family anyway you can, everything will help! 

All proceeds will go directly to LaNece and her 2 children and will be used in a good way to ease the burden of medical expenses, education expenses and living expenses. Hopefully, we can give her one less stress in this difficult journey!

Thank you so much for your contributions, your kindness and your LOVE!  

We Love you LaNece, Brooks & Tatum

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