TEXT TOPIC: Pandemic brought you and your spouse closer together?

this "Coronacrap" has definitely brought us closer together. We have never watched so much TV together and extra curricular activities today haha. Not to mention we have both gained some weight due to the inability to get out and do other things.

They are an essential worker and I'm stuck at home. This has made us very distant, because our views and opinions are so different.

my fianc and I are staying close during all this and I love it! He mows my lawn and we get out onto hikes every Sunday

due to potential family virus exposure, I was all but forced into a quarantine at my boyfriend''s house. It really brought us close and truly made us excited to live together and for our future

Pandemic has brought my wife and I closer. Newlyweds, baby on the way, and I m still out working everyday while she quarantines at home to keep her and baby safe. She s extremely supportive and we have been loving the extra time together!

closer for sure. My husband and I have started to do projects together. It''s up and down with my children, I feel like I have shouting warning before each meeting I get onto

I''m working from home & boyfriend works out of the home. I feel isolated and tend to vent & nitpick. I''m a bit of a control freak. It''s causing problems & I''m trying to control myself. Just navigating day to day & trying to survive through this.

Trying to get through all of this.. I have high anxiety and OCD(and not working right now).. husband "doesn't want to talk about it"Very difficult.

we are definitely more distant. I forgot how much she was to handle. I used to work 60 hours a week. Now I work around 30 and from home. SHE NEEDS ALL THE ATTENTION. I''m going mad and trying to distance myself.

Coronavirus has definitely brought us closer together. It''s been a realization to me that with outside pressure, our marriage strengthens. Reminds me to be grateful for my partner and stability during the uncertain times!

My boyfriend and I haven't seen each other in almost a month. We FaceTime every night but it's definitely not the same. I miss him

hubby thinks it hasn''t effected us at all except for extra financial stress but he''s here too, but why am I the only one cleaning and helping the kids with school?!

My fiance (recently engaged) and I have gotten closer. I'm working from home, he is essential with lung issues. I just want him home!!

me and my wife's routine hasn't really changed. She works night and I work days, so our schedule has stayed the same.

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