TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Aggressive Tuesday! What is your PA text?

do not need to see a daily quarantine update on your Facebook every freaking day no one cares

Can I be passive aggressive. It sucks working at home alone on your birthday but thankful I have a job

Stop visiting high risk family. Especially after you're sick. They are 65 and 72. IDC that it wasn't COVID it still lowers their immune system. Stay away!

Dear Public, Stay freaking home. Us Healthcare workers are busting our butts to save yours! Be responsible, be selfless and stop thinking you are above this virus! Also, stop lying just to get in the door to get your adderall and then 20 minutes into your visit say oh yeah by the way I have a fever, cough and I’m short of breath. And that idiot tested positive for covid and put our entire office and patients at risk!

I’m so glad you & your kids boredom at home is more important than our safety. I’m a Transit worker & you come ride just because you’re bored? Just take a walk

hey Bill how about u show up to work & do you dang job u show up once a week if that! We a R sick of doing ur route

When people say am lactose intolerant but eat cheese, yogurt and sour cream

F*** the train on 5600 always a big inconvenience

hey EX! We broke up and you blocked me, but your mom sent me a friend request! == suck it!

Yes I have mental illness, but I'm an adult and perfectly effing capable of doing my job or any job I choose thanks a hole

Hey new guy. We are packed with orders and behind schedule. Stop sweeping the floor for the 15th time. I got more then enough work in my station I can give you.

to the person who got me in trouble at work for my funny quarantine memes, thanks a lot I thought we all needed a little laugh and u saw it as I hated my job. Boo on u! –Mindy

please stop with you stories and challenges, I was nominated and now I nominate so and so on social media. We''re all bored but this is time for you to be creative no saturate social media. Create substance not useless challenges.

please be nice to pharmacy workers! We don''t need rude people or comments or you banging on our doors when we close for a 30 minute lunch that we are still in the back working during be nice to pharmacy workers we are extremely exposed and want to not have bad days at work when we would rather be home also

I''m over all the people constantly acting like they''re spreading hope and positively and saying we''re in this together and then they turn into the online social distance police and attack people they don''t know. Have the time it''s on posts with the caption of the picture being of a past trip. Just shut up

I drove a total of six hours to hand you the car title mom and I still am working this morning, I'm tired, don't give me attitude that I don't want 2 talk u

Hey bosses, it’s called the 6-ft rule. You’re putting me in my family at risk. Good luck finding somebody else to run this f’ing office for $19 an hour. Idiots.

Husband, maybe if you weren't on your phone 24/7 & helped out more, I wouldn't be so "grumpy". Keep complaining that I don't give you attention though.

My boss recently started working from home during all of this. That’s totally fine except for when she does come into the office and is rude to everyone. We are all having a hard time, don’t be rude.

Hey man im grateful for everyone on this front lines but come on how about some gratitude towards the service plumbers keeping your dang house running in this time of need!

Be kind to your health care workers. We are at the front lines of this virus doing everything we can to help our patients. You are not the only person in the world. Common human decency doesn’t go out the window.

One day your going to regret ghosting me. I hope you end up sad and lonely

it is not okay for you to lie about having symptoms to get into the clinic to see YOUR doctor. You''re potentially infecting everyone around you when you could have gotten care from the assigned Covid 19 doctor. Procedures are in place for a reason. Don’t be selfish

Thanks ex-wife for living a double life for over a year, and lowering your standards to be with a dishwasher boy that’s seven years younger than you are. Great job ruining and giving up 10 years and a family of four. Good luck with the booze and drugs.

to my company that I work at. Thanks for not telling us that one of our employees got infected. I had to find out thru a co worker and not thru management. Thanks for caring man

I just have to 2nd the train on 5600 w. 2nd day in a row I've been caught by this dumb thing.

not wanting your girlfriend on your social media in fear of what she will see, you're hiding something.

thank you Veterinarian office for informing me via your Facebook post Saturday that your employee was coughing on Wednesday and being tested for Covid19 when I was in the office on Thursday. I would have liked to know before I came in! You don''t get to choose who you expose-- still waiting on test results from Vet clinic... makes for a horrible weekend sitting in suspense

To the person coming at those doing challenges on social media, leave people alone. We are all in this together and trying to find SOME POSITIVITY in this world of chaos and unknown.

Jen just because your life is miserable doesn’t mean you have to make everyone else miserable. Leave me alone. We are adults in a work place. Ain'’t no body got time for your petty crap I’ve over it.

people please check your emails or answer our calls. We are doing best as a company to reach out to you! Help us help you!-- Medispas! We have 16 locations in 7 states. We have to check each state every morning for changes. We are doing our best and don't want to be yelled at.

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