2020 Graduation Shoutouts!

Riley Poore's Graduation Announcement

Shout out to my niece Aspen at Herriman high! Class of 2020

I want to give a shout out to my nephew Johnny C. WWHS Class of 2020 -love your tia Lucy

Congrats to my son Skyler Nelson, Weber State and my niece Martina Kehl Olympus High School

I just want to give a shout out to my little sister Asha she’s graduating high school this year and our family is so proud of her, we’re so sad she can’t have a graduation experience but we will be sure to make it special for her congratulations Asha!

Congrats to my nephew Hunter Bosgieter! He is on the track team and going to SUU! Love you buddy!

Shout out to my friend’s daughter, Brittany Irwin. Grad from Ben Lomond. She has 8 cords, sterling scholar of science, plays bag pipes and orchestra, is on the soccer team and almost has her associates degree! She is amazing! Love ya Brit!

My graduate is my son Christopher James. He has special needs, but he did it & onto extended high school! Special Needs Parents will understand this! Zana

My two grandchildren are graduating. Sadie Marie Garcia from Clearfield high with high honors and a Falcette. Xavier Martinez from Roosevelt High a Captain of soccer team in Johnstown, CO. Congratulations you two. Grammy and papa are very proud of you.

I am currently going to pharmacy school in Wisconsin and the inaugural class has had their graduation canceled. So proud of what they’ve accomplished!

Senior shout out to Alexis Christiansen of Copper Hills. We are so proud of you on this great milestone. School experiences haven’t been the greatest for you but you've excelled and you are destined for greatness. Love you mom

Graduation shout out to Austin Archuleta, SO proud of you and wish you a very happy future in whatever you choose to be! Skies the limit!!!!

Congratulations to my younger brothers Dan and Brent for graduating! I knew you guys could do it!

shout out to my two college grads. Easton and Makenna. One at the U and one at Utah state

Shout out to my amazing stepson Bryson!! I’m sad things turned out the way they did for your sr year, but we will celebrate when the time is right!! Mtn Ridge High class of 2020!!

My cousin Isaiah Sanchez is class of 2020 and he is very intelligent and extremely great at drawing/ art

Congratulations to my cousin Brooke for graduating U of U in accounting

Shout out to Emma Bexell congrats and so proud of you!

My awesome son Kavan Cantrell Roy High school @kavan_5283

Class of 2020 Farmington High School! Go Phoenix! 🔥

Olivia Anderson graduating high school with her Associates degree from Nuames (Northern Utah Academy for Math Engineering and Science) We are so proud of her for carrying such a large school work load all while being a cheerleader and lettering in Cheer at Weber High School. ❤️ We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. #futureisbright 😎

My niece Samantha Gutierrez she is graduating from Utah Virtual Academy- it’s an online school and is graduating a year early from her class... she is a rockstar!🌟

My amazing daughter!!! Maddie Garcia, Syracuse high school

Syracuse High School

My Awesome son- Jace Witney... graduating with an Overall 4.0 GPA. Springville High School.

My step daughter Sydney Robbins graduating from Hillcrest and excited to attend to University of Utah next year. Congrats to all graduates!

Class of 2020 SYRACUSE TITANS!! Maddie Heller who also turns 18 on Saturday! ❤️

My daughter, Marlayia Olsen. Utah College of Dental Hygiene! Following her dreams of being in the dental field since she was 5 years old! ❤️👏🎓

My son, Nash Petersen ,Bingham High School Class of 2020. 🎓

Taylor Hansen Grantsville High School

My son Riley Poore at Syracuse high, and nephew Gabe Phillips at Fremont. @rypup_ @gabriel.phillips28 Proud of you guys 🥰😘

@_olivetree20_ Olivia you are such an amazing young woman and I’m so excited to see all that you accomplish! Wasatch High school

love you kiddos! On to bigger and better things!

Aubrey Wright Riverton high school

@hannah02duke ❤️😘

My daughter, Sophie Brown @sophieb554. Talented singer/actress. Has carried a 4.0 forever. I'm so proud of all she has done, but most importantly who she is. She is kind, thoughtful, empathetic, happy, helpful, funny...beautiful inside and out! She truly had been the perfect child. (Dont worry - she's an only child. No playing favorites here 😉) I love you more than chocolate, Sophie Lou! ❤

Preston Larson from Bingham High ❤️❤️❤️ @prestonlarson27

@dallin_moore9 at Syracuse High School

Copper Hills HighSchool @jindakumpin

Nephew- Porter Nichols, Morgan High School 💙 @portnichols @clnnichols

Roy High Cheer class of 2020!

Bethany Minnoch from weber state with a bachelor's in physical education teaching!

Bingham High-she is an awesome volleyball player!

Jordyn Charette - Bingham High School 💙💙💙 @jordyn.charette

@mrs_keeler ♥️

My nieces Kalena & Catalina!! High School Seniors from Copper Hills and Kahuku High!!

Dalen Brewer Fremont High School @dalenbrewer

All the student leaders at the Bennion Community Service Center at the U!

Brady Petersen. Senior at Bingham High.

My daughter Alexis Tuttle. Senior at David high school. Will be a special needs 2 grade teacher. Going already to college with Weber and graduating with a 33 credit.

My son Jayden Stevenson is a graduate from Northridge high school and is attending the Davis Technical School

Caitlyn Morris-Hunter High School

My daughter Kendra Thomas, Viewmont High School. The best is yet to come, we are so proud of you and love you so much! Love mom ❤️

My senior in high school, Jaden Knox. Thx!!

Jocelyn Worthington Northridge high

Khiaura Packer Providence Hall High School Class of 2020!!! Mom and Dad are beyond proud baby girl!!!

Our nephew Devin Anderson he held down a full time job plus his school stuff

My step daughter Alexis Shumway senior at Jordon High!🙌

Kyson Hilton, Skyridge hs

Jacob Guevara- senior at Corner Canyon

Annie Gray 2020 Cottonwood High School

Katelyn Thomas Copperhills Highschool

Brenton Lim from Bingham High

(Ashlynn Veenendaal-Herriman High)

(Andrew Nelson) from Weber State University with a Batchelor’s in Athletic Therapy!!

My niece Alayna Haas is a senior at Bingham High School. Her "friend" Joe Robertson is also a senior at Bingham. @alayna_noelle12

My niece Caitlyn Seeley . Hunter high cheerleader. Great student and working hard on getting a good job in health care. Working as a CNA right now.


My daughter Makayla Mitchell. American Fork High School

My son Brayden John -Lehi High school 💜

My niece, Kolbee Hancuff. Copper hills high school.

My niece @emilyjimenezc Emily Jimenez West High school.

JaKell Hunter !!!!! Class of 2020 !!! No one can take that away from you, not even coronavirus!!!! 🥰❤️🥳

My son Aidan Buckley graduating a year early at Springville high school!

Isaiah Pulu, he is a senior at Highland HS ❤️👨‍🎓

My son Kaiden Uigaese (wing-a-essay), Kearns Highschool

Carsen Petersen, senior Providence High School

Jaylynn Sill Utah military academy.

My beautiful daughter Kate Crowell @katejcrowell Weber High class of 2020! So smart and talented - she won 1st at state DECA and was looking forward to competing at national DECA next month in Nashville but of course it’s cancelled..along with her humanitarian trip to Thailand this summer. Love you Kate so proud of you. ❤️😘

My son Christopher! Class of 2020 Copper Hills High School!

My cousin, Azia Lokeni...East High class of 2020 ❤️ @azia.lokeni

Bryson Sutherland - Mountain Ridge High School class of 2020 - the first class graduating from this brand new high school!!!

My daughter Tinnielle Burdick @ Hillcrest High #huskiestrong 💚❤️

My AMAZING son Skyler Nelson graduating from Weber State in Construction Management🔨 #tuckersdad

Claudia Ceron

My daughter @skyleerobillard graduating from Skyline high school

My intelligent and beautiful s I ster jennah Tolman timpview high school class of 2020. I'm so proud of you. ❤ your favorite big sister

Mikayla Wise 2020-Brighton High School

My son Hunter Lambert highland High school #Gorams

My daughter Macy Clements - Springville High School!

My nephew. Markus Archibald. Mountain Ridge High School. @5guys1gal

My beautiful daughter Sadee Carroll graduating from Kearns High, also graduating from her EMT courses Granite tech! Way to go baby girl! You deserve so much more! Much love; Dad and Mom🥰😘💕

My beautiful daughter, Kayleigh Lippold, is a senior at West Jordan High School. She received her nursing assistant certificate in January, and started working at the hospital a month ago. I am so proud of her hard work at school, in the CNA program, and working in healthcare during this pandemic.

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