Dr. Burton: Experiencing grief as a result of COVID-19

Experiencing grief as a result of the COVID-19 situation

Denial - this will not affect me, us

Anger - I have to stay home, I can’t do all the things I enjoy

Bargaining - if I social distance for 2 weeks then all will be well

Sadness - when will this end, how will the world be different?

Acceptance - OK, this is our world for a time, how do I proceed?

As a couple (or individual) - how do I proceed?

Structure - schedule

get up at same time - go to bed at same time

shower, get dressed, get ready for the day, have routine

exercise, be active

get outside for a time

do something productive - work, or projects around the house, accomplish something every day

have fun - laugh - daily

meditative practice - headspace, calm, 10% happier, guided imagery

practice gratitude daily with a gratitude journal - very important to do this

schedule individual time - alone time is important - must balance with couple time

schedule couple time

time without TV, computers, electronics

time to verbally connect, and to soothe each other (non-sexual touch)

have fun together, laugh together, play games together and with family

find ways to give to each other - daily - small things that have meaning to the other

to each other, give positive statements, compliments, gratitude, daily

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