Local Restaurant Able to Help Senior Citizens


From our listener Shea:

"I'm the Hospitality Manager at the Layton Golden Corral. Like all restaurants, we are doing curbside and delivery. I want to be clear, This isn't a promotion message. We have advertising and everything like that set up through corp. However, ALOT of our customers are elderly people who can't or don't cook for themselves.

We want to take care of our community as best we can. For as long as we can. If you guys hear of anyone or any care facilities who are struggling because they don't have their own vendors or can't get groceries, please refer them to us! We are cutting our pricing for these type of situations. We will walk them through curbside (seniors don't do these things) or deliver free to care facilities. People bulk shopping don't realize that ALOT of care facilities actually purchase their groceries/cleaning supplies at grocery stores. I have helped 7 homes get food or cleaning supplies so far..... Its so common right now!

We are still able to access food, paper products and cleaning/sanitizing supplies if they desperately need them. I'm affiliated with the Layton, West Valley and Orem locations. We want to make sure our seniors are fed and safe! If you see an opportunity for us to help someone, please let them know we are here for them!

If you are in need please call our store at (801) 775-9535


Photo: Getty Images

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